Introducing v2 - many enhancements, including a SteemKeychain supporting Dapp Browser!

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Dear Steem community. It's been about a year since the introduction of the - The fast, secure and open source wallet for the Steem blockchain. Available for iOS and Android in the appstores. Since it's inception it has seen some updates, of which the introduction of instant 1-click account creation was it's biggest upgrade last January / February, with a crazy long (2 month) review time at the appstores.

Now SteemWallet is back with a new upgrade, so big I decided to call it a Version 2 :) Better than ever, "the best SteemWallet we ever shipped" - is how some famous mobile phone manufacturer would say.

As with the original idea, which was fueled by a discussion with @pharesim, this upgrade is the result of a request by Steem-Engine / Splinterlands co-founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt, 2 guys pushing the boundaries of the Steem ecosystem with greatness introduced almost every week.

It was about 2 months ago that I was approached by @aggroed to make a "mobile version" of SteemKeychain. As we discussed I proposed I'm definitely interested in making that happen, but seeing I had already created I found it only logical to integrate the features inside the SteemWallet app.

According to the Github-commit it only took 80 changed files with 50,599 additions and 2,948 deletions - but here it is today, reviewed within a couple of days, and available in your local Apple Appstore and Google Playstore:

SteemWallet version 2.0.0 featuring a Dapp browser with SteemKeychain parity!

Out of the box Steemwallet has been rewritten to support any (or at least most of) the current Steemprojects which have the SteemKeychain API implemented. By injecting a javascript upon the DOMLoaded event of a webpage the in-app Dapp browser creates a bridge between the already existing SteemKeychain supporting websites and enables them on mobile viewing.

This means that any SteemKeychain enabled site, should just work out of the box with the SteemWallet Dapp browser.

The introduction of this feature introduced some changes into the which I had documented on the SteemWallet github page:

  • upgrade SteemWallet wallet file to support multilevel keys (not only active but also, post & memo)
  • move to a "tab menu based" interface, don't forget "themes" !
  • create a tab dedicated to dapp browsing - a web browser which injects the Steem_keychain javascript on every load - just like the SteemKeychain plugin does.
  • write feature parity with 1-on-1 mimicking behaviour of SteemKeychain's functions currently available on
  • make a "dapp gallery" homepage which serves as default landingpage for the "dapp browser" - enabling people to quickly launch dapps inside the

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 16.32.59.png

The app has almost 1:1 feature parity with SteemKeychain's browser plugin, except: AddAccountAuthority, RemoveAccountAuthority, Signedcall have not been added (yet). Seeing that add/remove account authority involve authorization changes onto account level, I wanted to research those a bit more prior to adding those. And Signedcall is currently giving me a headache with serializer.

The app has been tested thoroughly with Steem interfaces such as

  • - update for android requested /w @heimindanger :)

Steem games such as:

  • Splinterlands / SteemMonsters
  • NextColony

and all Tribes pages, TokenBB Forums and several other Steem Tools who have SteemKeychain API's integrated. The landing page of the Dapp browser consists of a list of dapps for easy visiting. This landingpage will in the future be adjusted so you will be able to add your own "favorites" and/or sort based on your clicks (locally, stored in a cookie) - no tracking.

How it works:

  1. Dapp project site is loaded, by clicking a direct link on the browser's default startpage or manually entering a Dapp address (starting with https!) in the url-bar.
  2. After "onload" a SteemKeychain-plugin is injected into the host-page which makes the SteemKeychain API (mirror) available to the host-page, tricking it into believing SteemKeychain is installed.
  3. Once a user requests a SteemKeychain powered action, a native dialog will pop over the webview, enabling the user to review the proposed transaction and asking the user to sign / broadcast the given operation.
  4. If the user has the needed active key in it's wallet, the user can then sign the proposed transaction.
  5. Optionally the user can slide the toggle "Don't show any more prompts for "User:Dapp:Transaction-type", indicating the user is trusting the site. After this the user will no longer get a blocking prompt prior to signing the operation, but only for the giving site, user and transaction-type. These can always be revoked in the "Settings"-tab.
  6. The user will need to unlock the wallet and sign the operation. Touch Id / Face Id will be helpful here for a smooth continuation. In the future I might consider adding a more permanent wallet unlock mechanism, but for now, bear with me as I need to figure out a way to make this both safe and smooth.

Site-owners with SteemKeychain plugin:

  • Please check if your site also works with SteemWallet's dapp browser. Known issues are: SteemWallet's browser injects approximately 400milliseconds after "onload" event, so your app might already be checking to early whether "window.Steemkeychain" exists.
  • Please make sure your webpage is mobile optimised / has a responsive design.

Don't have SteemKeychain yet on your Steem-project site? Consider adding it, find the instructions on the Steem Keychain github.'s upgrade to 2.0.0 is now available in the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore

‡ due to some caching it might appear later today / in a couple of hours if you don't see it yet

Happy browsing!
see you on the chain,



Tried it out and lost a battle of SM there. Its great, any chance autologin can be implemented? I know that it might require some work on the site's end too.

hey to get the ball rolling, and to remind people about by @rishi556 with help of @heimindanger using CAPTCHA tpoken technology, i will get ball rollingt on INV integration with @banjo on discord and now steemwallet by @roelandp by DEDICATINg at least 25 Free Instant Account links to whoever wants to download and use SteemWallet but CANNOt because it requires a steem account and they cannot pay

I will give 25 free instant steem accounts to teh first 25 STEEMWALET app downloaders who need that free account, to reach me find ackza on discord

Id like to give these 25 free account links preferably people who dont already have a steem account. But if you are downloading this app looking to have a wallet for some steem you maybe have on an exchange, well i would be MORE than happy to assist you, and even if you dont have the steem yet and are just looking to download and play with it but are a fan of crypto, then i want to help. SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS and need a steem account for steemwallet app go to discord find ackza

I know @roelandp has existing onboarding system and probably something planned in the future but imagine THIS: We let a new potrntial user farm their new steem account, with cost 0.5 to 1 steem so you can have someone without keychain or anything just use by the @dtube creator hemindanger and fill some sort of @steemwallet captcha account untill they have enuf to pay for an account, maybe figure out who has earned what by assigning them a certain time and a certain rotating network of steem accounts to capture the captchas. On the captcha site, they just enter the account name and boom you get captchas filling up and when someone makes like 0.5 or 1 steem worth the bot can sell em for steemp, buy an INV token and redeem it on and send the link maybe @banjo by @inertia can even do it over discord and so... basically we can have anyone on discord even have a way to earn their own steem account and be given it over discord, banjo can also send steem engine tokens...

a user can farm their own steem to buy a steem account by doing captchas, it may take a while but a user can have ads playing in background or videos to farm even more TASK tokens that can be ready for them when the steem account is ready :) anyway, thats one way I thought to let people pay for their owns teem account using existing tools...

It's not GiftGover but, right?

oh yes i am so sorry ill go corrrect that

LOl giftgover hah i gotta tell @rishi556 about that typo lol

lol give delegation only to take i t away as a parnk :)

GiftGover is a work in progress. Giftgiver is love to the public. Haha, typos happen, I had them in my own posts from giftgiver too.

btw sorry for the lost battle :) During testing I lost quite some steem-dust on gamble dice sites :)

Should have made your own gambling test site :).

Don’t have time to play so most of my cards are delegated out. Was playing with 2 summoners and a fraction of the cards I had at silver league. No way to win that.

you mean (temporarily) permanent "unlock" right? So you don't have to sign every time?

For now I have implemented that once you "broadcast" a message, you can flip the "slider" just above "sign & broadcast" which says: "do not prompt USER again for": DAPPCLIENT:OPERATION. So you won't get the dialog everytime but go straight to "wallet unlock" - - - which is quite fast with fingerprint (android + ios) and face id.

Bro am i reading this post right, that your mobile steem wallet app can perform keychain functions on mobile!?! Because that would be huge, and allow the site thats keychain only by @heimindanger to work on mobile bow , wouldnt it?

WOW LOOK at this RIGHT ON MATE THANK YOU SO MUCH roeland! steem engine is MOBILE NOW

@fyrstikken @aggroed @someguy123 @surfyogi @thejohalfiles @heimindanger @neoxian I just made my first deposit and trade on steem engine using a Mobile Device, and keychain, no steemconnect, this is a huge game changer

steem ecosystem is about to grow to a whole new level, and I will offer a lot of my INV steem invite codes, and also we can use CAPTCHA token at to let new steem users FARM their OWN steem account cost and @banjo by @inertia could even deliver the steem invite link over discord maybe if they have accumulated enough Steem engine tokens on discord OR by accepting BTC and ALtcoins tips from @discordtip bot by unko so we can let people come in and send @banjo BTC or altcoins more popular than steem, banjo buys an INV and redeems 9or has a bank of links filled up ince a week or month etc) and we could end up with an amazing system with discord being the on-boarding funnel, where users pay for new accounts by farming CAPTCHA and even TASK tokens and even 0.5 - 3 steem worth of discordtips allowing users to get an INV token from crack it open into a steem account link via @banjo and discord has the built in phone verification ;)

( @pharesim and his could maybe help @fyrstikken tokenize all of his thousands of claimed fresh account links)

bro you are reading this post right.

you just made steem 10 times more valuable, and accessible. Thank you SO much roeland! if there was a steemwallet token id buy and stake! instead like i said i will pledge 25 steem accounts for new users of steemwallet who need them just i will post about it more on twitter i guess...or they can come to https;// to get them from me in a discord DM as a link from

If we could get on the dapp browser list it could help in ways we can only begin to imagine now, because that wallet people earn steem engine TSk tokens from mobile phones,

actually can we put in any url in the steemwallet dapp browser? lemme check

its there already under tools.

also you can go to any site via the address bar!

WOW I SEE THAT NOW AMAZING I was able to use by @heimindanger

TASK on Mobile is amazing now! Peopel can earn steem engine TASK tokens from their phopne anywhere in teh world! I plan on joining @dtube creator @heimindanger in making so many tasks we can oen ay hirepeopel full time for a TASK FORCE maybe even buy landin Nigeria or Ghana with @mcsamm and @steemgh to create a army of TASK FORCE workers living in cheap shipping container houses we can tokenize

maybe we can get TASK listed on the officioal steemwallet list? :D I love this man thank you so much! your saving steem lol

This is really amazing initiative @ackza

Love the app, though I'm having a bit of a problem. I imported all of my keys and the only thing that has worked has been steem monsters so far, I tried a few gaming sites and steem engine, and when I go to log in I get a pop up message saying "no key found for theb0red1 in wallet". I might try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that helps.

Edit to add: ok I uninstalled and reinstalled and now the only thing I am able to sign in to is splinterlands, anything else it doesn't even try to bring up the login transaction to sign, all pages I tried just turned dark and do nothing... I'm on iOS if that helps.

can you try: "Factory reset" in the app, exit it with the "swipe up & kill" and see how that works for you? Are you trying to login with "theb0red1" ? Please note that every dapp which "uppercases" your first letter in the username, please lowercase it!

"Just turned dark and do nothing" - I have not seen that yet. I have some iOS devices here and have no problems running...

Lets get this fixed for you!

The factory reset option seems to have helped, it's working now! Thanks for your help 😀

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With lots of people using phones this days, this has come at a great time

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for enabling this for our users over on mobile site!!

This is very interesting mobile application that is sorely missing in the ecosystem. I have tried the earlier version and I am quite excited to see that we have it upgraded. 👏

Thanks for this! Easy enough to install!

Absolutely bloody brilliant! Just what I’ve been waiting for both for myself and to make it easier to onboard people investing and signing up to the Crypto Class Action onto Steem to get their SUFB tokens.

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Great news

Congratulations @cranium, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @roelandp!
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OOOH so thats what Trendo does? interesting @trendo cool name lol reminds me of @transisto for some reason :D thank god for transisto and his @likwid it makes steem so much more profitable for potential marketers advertisers looking to buy stem to use for bidbot upvotes , they can get 98.5% of their rewards back in 7days...

Awesome work! A dApp browser is awesome. Logging in works like a charm on TravelFeed :) Voting works as well, but there is an issue with commenting, I opened an issue on Github.

Would you add TravelFeed to the list of dApps?

One thing I noticed, I need to enter the wallet password for each transaction, it would be convenient if - like with keychain - the wallet would stay unlocked for a few minutes. Logging in with Fingerprint would be cool as well, even if it's not as secure as using a strong password I would trust my fingerprint with my posting key for convenience.

logging in with fingerprint is enabled. it should suggest "Use TouchId / FaceId" when creating the wallet passphrase and the app had detected you have that feature on your phone. You can then slide to turn that on.

Then you can sign with fingerprint. I'm still dabbling with the temp unlock feature.

Your issue has been closed, a bugfix submitted to the appstores. Thanks for reporting!

Added Travelfeed to the list of interfaces. Thanks again!

I just recreated the wallet, I had originally set it up in the first version of Steemwallet a few months back. Fingerprint works like a charm now, awesome!

Thanks for adding TravelFeed and for the fast update! I will update once the update is live on Google Play, Steemwallet will become my new standard way of accessing Steem dApps on the go. A feature that would be cool would be implementing homescreen shortcuts to dApps, similar to how it works in Chrome on Android for PWAs. I submitted a feature request on Github for this.

WOW so this steemwallet app has touchID and FACE ID wow, so when we upgrade yto a phone with finger print rteader,or when we can do faceID from a regular front facing camera, we will ALLbe able to have biometric locks for our steem account, mayeb we can even build that out into something to compeet with the eos dan larimer universal ID system, maeb we can attest identities to steem accounts like byteball butf or face ID i dunno maybe not necisary but wow I LOVE tahtw e have a touch id face id enabled steem wallet DAPP browser!!!!

STEMWALLET deserves a steem engine token maybe for account creation or referals or maybe just use it teh way EOS LYNX wallet uses theri wallet token, or scatter has riddle for reputation system :D

Legendary work, thanks! Resteemed for others

@roeland, if I want to use the new SteemWallet, do I have to update my old one (that I've been using for almost a year), or will it update automatically?

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it will come as an update. Once appstores fully roll out (iPhone is available now) - android a bit slow with caching apparently.

The app will ask once you sign a new transaction to "once" convert the wallet file to the new format, by unlocking your wallet.

Thank you for the clarification!

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AWESOME so SteemWallet HAS an iOS app, that you have to download the apk file or whatever yeah? But its not yet on APp STORE but WILl be yeah?

Yes is in the appstore for iOS and Playstore for Google.

Please find both linked on - bu tyou know that already right? :)

I've just stuck the iphone update over mine and it seems to have saved my previous settings.

This is more than amazing. I couldn't use any steem Dapps on my phone because entering my posting key was the worst experience ever. One click sign-ins is the only way to make this work.

Thank you.

Edit - It took me a minute to log in to steem monsters. I hadn't imported my keys so I did it after trying. Very intuitive and good user experience. Nothing but respect.

Very much appreciated update. Keychain on mobile devices is a game changer lets hope those Steem Apps will improve their mobile experience.
good job!

I like this application, but every update from you may always be the best later. Thank you for the post .i just love it

Great work! this is definitely something needed..You are making the world better.
Great job. This is a huge step for adoption ! great work. I will download the app now

I think it's an excellent article with many new features on the platform. Excellent article. I vote and share.

@roelandp, SteemKeychain Supporting Dapp Browser is awesome news and in my opinion one more effective and prodoctive interface. Keep up the great work and stay blessed.

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This sounds great. Looking forward to testing out the new version once my android install updates. Will let you know if my project site "just works" with it.


AWESOME :D Better mobile Steem experience +1!

Testing, and falling in love, amazing!

Wow this is something I've been wishing for for a while now! Cool to see someone finally made a mobile wallet with built in browser!

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!giphy holy+shit

@fantasycrypto holy shit indeed check it out, mobile steem engine

Very nice update!!

When can I see the Steem Engine token in the Mobile Steemwelllet?

hi! you can use the dapp browser tab to login to steem-engine or for example steempeak. here you can transfer tokens!

in due time will upgrade the dapp browser landingpage with some features for tokens.

This a great news rather than relying on desktop keychain app alone. @roelandp

Thanks Roeland!

As far as i am aware, there is no Key Chain app for the iphone yet (anyone?) and so having Steem Wallet mimic the most used functionality is really handy. Cheers!

Now to download and see if works with it.

i think it works right?

Great Job!
Here you can find the Korean instruction for

By the way, getting errors when claiming tokens within the App.

hmmm interesting, can you make an issue on github describing how I can replicate this bug, so I can make a fix?

i just pushed a bugfix for another failing operation (comments).

thanks for letting me know!

This is a very exciting moment for Steemit Wallet!

I haven't really used steemit wallet for a very long time, but I suppose it is good to test the dapps out with it.

This is starting to remind me of the Trust wallets with dapps.


*Steem Wallet :)

I would like to start testing It is exciting

I just updated and it looks great! Great work! Can’t wait to explore the dapp section.

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not available yet on Play store

Posted using Partiko Android

yeah slow rollout :( soon!

Great work @roelandp, for me on iOS it gets stuck on "Loading dapp list" nothing is loading in the wallet browser window.

is a google spreadsheet. please click the home icon top left to refresh.

@roelandp, This is something big and could have advanced steem to the next level. Appreciate for all the hard works and see you on the chain :)

I added posting and active key, and trying to login to epicdice, but it keeps saying login failed!?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi I've looked into the issue but the SteemWallet app returns the correct (same) response as decoded message as the "Steem Keychain" browser plugin gives so maybe EpicDice is not honouring SteemWallet as "allowed" browser somehow.

If you know people at Epic Dice, please suggest them to look at this post. The SteemWallet App identifies it's browser with userAgent: " x.x.x (device family)" where x.x.x is the current app version, and device family = ipad, iphone or android.

do u have a link to epicdice?

hi i noticed indeed i have the same error. will investigate. thanks for reporting!

I've been waiting ages for mobile keychain, exciting! I am setting it up now and have run into an issue importing my keys. After adding them I get to the page where we are asked to add a passphrase, I enter it but there is no ok/next/done button and the only thing I can do is go back. This doesn't save the keys I added.

Am I missing something really obvious 😂 I've tried a few times, I running android 7.0 if thats useful.

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@isnochys @juliakponsford:

I was under the impression you could scroll down to click on "Create" button. Somehow it's hidden of the screen I guess. Please check if you can scroll in that window to the bottom.

Alternative: I've just shipped an update (3rd one today :P) Android v. which should become available in 2-3 hours on Android appstores.

This has the "return" key activated to "create" the wallet so when you have set your Passphrase it will create on hitting the keyboard's "return" key.

Please note that if you want to use "Touch Id' you should slide to activate that prior to hitting that return key.

Sorry for the inconvenience, will analyse this part on smaller screens asap and optimise this.

Thanks for reporting!

Stay tuned for v2.0.2.1 in the Playstore asap.

I'll try the update when it rolls out, I definitely can't scroll down and hitting return didn't seem to do anything! Thanks for looking into this 😘

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I'm still missing the "Create" button on my android phone

Is this a bug reported earlier?
"Create" seems like you want to make a post? Steemwallet in it's core was "just" a wallet for sending and receiving Steem/SBD. Now with the new tab added: Dapp Browser you can open many SteemKeychain supported dapps which feature post creation.

Let me know if I understand you correct.

I can't get past this screen. Tried everything but there's nothing to click that take me forward

Posted using Partiko Android

ohno UI screen f*ckup!

can you hit return and then continue or not? (on ur keyboard)

i will see how yo fix this asap!

OK installed the update, same problem, even uninstalled and reinstalled and still the return key doesn't do anything :/ Sorry to make you more work :D

update might not be live yet in google playstore... I submitted a couple of updates. it will be v2.0.2.1 and they roll out slowly with playstore. Notice the "Current Version" section. With my playstore it still says v2.0.2.0 (which was yesterday nights bugfix)...

Success! Not sure why it offered to update me earlier but I saw the version update just now and imported my keys with no problem, thank you!

Hey, great work! I also tried it with steemmonsters and it worked like a charm! The browser still needs some improvements, its very slow and landscape view would be great.

Keep up the good good work!

thanks, the browser is a native webkit browser component and behaves according with the performance of your device... Landscape is a good suggestion.

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@roelandp is an email dapps possible in the steem blockchain?

please elaborate!

  1. why would such a thing be needed on a blockchain
  2. what do you envision!


Ok here is my line of reasoning.
Standing on the concept that:
Steem is: a blockchain with true community members
The latent characteristics of the blockchain is ripe for further and numerous developments.

Reason 1. Blockchain should NOT just be currency only. To see blockchain just a supermarket of cryptos, is false, since, it is not good for blockchain economic to have more tokens with zero values, such a waste of money.

  1. Future blockchain netizens are application specific people. They are people, who knows or atleast understand how to code and can appreciate a more secure and robust and censorship resistant applications.

My vision is, steem, should explore the more traditional application, like chat and email, since these two are still basic application needs of present netizens.

Cryptos a means of exchange is slow to adapt.

But chat and email is still mainstream.

Be it a sidechain or within the blockchain itself, doesn’t matter for as long as it exist in our steem blockchain.

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es muy bueno. Hasta donde yo sé, todavía no hay una aplicación de llavero para el iPhone (¿alguien?) Por lo tanto, tener Steem Wallet imita la funcionalidad más utilizada es realmente útil. Saludos! 💕💕💕💕

desculpe, yo no habla espanol. El application por iPhone y Android esta aqui: :)

buenas amigo roelandp he visto tus publicaciones y que buenos proyectos e ideas tienes no te escribo para pedir como dicen algunos steemits que aunque lo dicen han ayudado a muchos con dinero, soy de venezuela y por como sabes mi pais esta muy grave pero solo vengo por razones muy obvias quiero pedirte ayuda de como poder trabajar en steemit que poder hacer como gano en esta pagina le he pedido ayuda a muchos y nadie ayuda claro despues que estan areriba de los de abajo nadie se acuerda, espero ante mano puedas ver esto escritura y ver si puedes ayudarme ya que estoy desempleado con un hogar que mantener y una madre en cama con CA. espero de corazon poder contar contigo amigo con una mano amiga en la forma que me quieras ayudar sea con dinero o explicandome como ganar que tengo un año en esta pagina sin poder hacer un dolar dicen que por votar tambien se gana pero nunk he ganado nada que puedo hacer y como gracias saludos espero tu cinseras respuestas.. mi correo [email protected]

This update is amazing! Works great on some sites I tested.

It would be good if we could change the language in the app. Mine is german (because my phone is german, I assume) and it's kinda strange, I would prefer the app being english :).

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Great ! I definitely need to try it out !
Keep Building @roelandp

Wow, this is awesome

Wow. Seems like some cool stuff. Excited to download and try if out..

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