Steem Wars: Tiny the Tall Space Witch, Extraterrestrial Hitchhiker

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"Liam! Coddamnit! Will you get your hairy arse over here? If you make us miss our ride and strand us here for another twenty years..." The proximity indicator on my Thumb Drive goes from orange to yellow. "If this thing hits green and you're not touching my hand I swear I'll leave you behind, you flea-ridden mutt."

His cold, wet nose touches my forearm. "Raaawwaarrrrrghgr."

"Yeah I know. You don't want to stay here. People make dogs wear jackets and sweaters on this backwater planet. With sparkles."

He shudders before pushing off on his front legs. "Rawwrrr...ooooorrgghl."

"Yeah, I know." I push some buttons on the TD and the hourglass symbol appears on the display. Inventions come and go, and technology evolves, but there's no getting away from those infernal things. "OK. Let's see what sort of ship we've got coming."


"I know, man. The damn hourglass." I sigh and tap the side of the device. Well, whaddyouknow? The hourglass stopped. Why didn't I think of this sooner? "The RS Flying Wardrobe. Hmmm. No clue what class an RS is, but beggars can't be choosers."

"Raaawwrrwmm." Liam shakes his head, drool splattering all over my jeans.

"Damnit, Lou. Could you keep my Earthpants clean? They're like the only good thing these people have produced. Well. That and velcro. And coffee." I look at the TD. Still yellow. "Cods, I'm going to miss Earth coffee."

"Rrrrrwwwwwr." He almost purrs as he nuzzles my hand. He really can be sweet sometimes. When he's eaten enough.

"I know, buddy. I love you too." I give him a hug, but when the TD bleeps, we both look up. The PI goes green and starts to blink. One hand on Liam, I hit the button and try not to giggle when we disintegrate and our atoms fly upwards at high velocity to reassemble in the cargo bay of the Flying Wardrobe. "Gods, I love hitchhiking. It tickles."

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Love the Hitchhiker's Guide spin. Oh, man, this can only end in hilarious disaster.

Good luck on your hitchhiking and travels on a flying wardrobe, Tiny, and my the Steem be with you and Liam!

See you out there!


We're going to have to much fuuuuun.

In space, no one can hear you rawwrrr...ooooorrgghl

Well, it's not my fault my companion speaks a language only I understand. Woolfkies are weird that way.

Can not wait to hear more about you and your furry companions quest through space!