We are always interested in keeping our personal property and finances safe. How do you propose we protect steemit more strongly?

They were hackers who attacked the chain, and I don't think there is a need to protect the hacker's assets.
The object to be protected is the general user.
They are still hiding and are constantly attacking the chain through self-voating and excessive transaction induction.
And they even ignored development contracts through SPS. Why should we protect them?

please check
They're still not turning off the power, and they're still leaving it unattended. That's why the backup witnesses' rankings are not rising.
In order to protect the chain more efficiently, I think we should eliminate the right to vote just like them. Only then can the steem chain stabilize.

I understand that there were many actions taken that some of us agree , were completely unnecessary in regards to the way the Steemitaccounts (Justin and Ned) transaction occurred.
There never should have been a a freezing of ANYONE'S assets . After the fork and the tide has changed, it seems like the same treatment has been used again select accounts. There are exclusions to airdrops, blacklist and whatnot, claims of censorship, etc..from both sides of the story.
What we hope to achieve through co operation is the removal of witnesses who are not active/stale to allow those who seek to stabilize the chain can fill that role.
We think that maybe by allowing these accounts who want to power down in order to leave steem would be a generous gesture that Steem is prepared to move on and get back to work. There are still many passionate people here who create content, create games and dapps as well as run whole communities powered by the steem platforms.
Please join us Mondays so we can start collaborating on ways to get these things.
We do not want to leave.