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The record of the interaction on GHRO Steem Witness Forum

There where many attendees, and a few willing witnesses who got on air to share themselves and their visions for steem.
Please watch the video to gleam your own perspective to what some of the current interested parties of steem are thinking. We hope this is seen as a welcoming and good place to join and share in regards to our investments in steem. We are seeing a push from new players in the witness game. New blood helps to keep things fresh. We look to encourage new views and people to engage on steem.

Thank you

@jonyoudyer aka @canna-witness
..for taking that first step in creating a great place to conversate.
Please share this post as record that we are serious about forming a better line of communication with those like the

TOP 30

according to steemit wallet
01 @justyy
02 @steemhunt
04 @dev.supporters
05 @dlike
06 @zzan.witnesses
07 @snackplus
08 @jayplay.witness
09 @indo.witness
10 @bukio
11 @steem-dragon
12 @hinomaru-jp
13 @future.witness
14 @hoasen
15 @maiyude
16 @matreshka
17 @parse
18 @menacamel
19 @cryptoking777
20 @rlawlstn123
21 @ayogom
22 @segye.witness
23 @the707
24 @skuld2000.wit
25 @someguy123
26 @ausbitbank
27 @anyx
28 @aggroed

Some ideas mentioned in no certain order

  1. expanding a consensus to a larger number of 50 witness
  2. the desire for a reversal on the SF22.8 back to 22.5 to offer a more stable version of our blockchain
  3. more communication for the sake of all

Some hope we address the controversy of freezing stake as.. allow people free access to their wallets at all times..for everyone. This type of act only hurts our public relation strategy as voiced by some.
To move forward we must allow people to powerdown, probably dump and leave on their own free will.
As most of us have been and are independent creators our CRYPTO matters..all sizes of value.
One way we can resolve the current stalemate and bitter affairs seems to be allow those previuosly frozen acces so they can do as they seem fit.
We have many ways to protect the 'good name' here . One would be how we treat our previous partners.

This is meant both ways

There is no need to point out failures unless we are rebuilding that which failed.
Let it be known we are looking to try and rebuild/regrow reform this 'place' called steem by reaching out to any and all who are willing to still work.

@steem-supporter offered this as their point of view relative to the conversation and various topics

i think .. this whole split is a mess ..for me what tron did was legal .. they had money and they bought steemit big deal .. justin saying about token swap is also viable as far as tron can fulfill what steem requires to operate .. token swap the main reason of split is just childish ... if tron can meet all the requirements on how steem operates .. its okay ... they do already have json stuffs in their code .. so you guys can expect it sooner or later .. now for me 0.23 was a takeover attempt from peoples i call mafia of steem ..lets forget about hive .. its gone from steem now . the major concern for me is whats making rhr chain unstable ... for a decentralized community .. excluding anyone from on-chain operation is also not ethical.. so i am also against 0.22.8888 ,,,we steem-supporter /// we have a lot of love for steem

Thank You all for the support shown over this effort. We hope we can do great things still in the steem world.
Stay tuned for our next GHRO Steem Witness Forum


Thank you for organizing this new Steem Witness Forum.

When will the next one be?

The Steemit Team

We are gathering interest into how often we should do this. We have discussed making it weekly with a possible earlier show for those in later tome zones. Currently we are thinking around 11am or noon Mondays as well as the 7pm PST show.
In hopes to make it easy for all to attend we are open to suggestions.

It is going to be difficult to find one time that works for everyone - so two alternating time slots might be the only solution.

Maybe start with some sort of poll of all witnesses to see who would come at what times.

The Steemit Team

Great idea! Thank You.

I suggest you reach out to @steemchiller before the next show.
We should have him in the top twenty

I have dropped the same invites to him as I have others. I would love to have @steemchiller on as I support their work as well as witness.

@17:40 was it hashkings talking ?
he said about the chain being unstable and a missing block!
earlier someone was talking about using different version WTF how can that create stability if everyone is free to run whatever version they want?

Is this how markymarky is still freely abusing people here as well as on hive because some of you have decided its a good idea have openly hostile accounts attacking the Steem Block Chain?
What other vectors of attack are open to him and other like him?
He is a very talented coder and he is also sneaky and enjoys fucking people over a lot!

What is the essential differences between the 22.55 and 22.88 versions?
We can NOT allow hostile players with large Stake to keep fucking with our witness selection, creating new accounts to attack us with and flagging because they dont like what people are saying.

Im sorry but we strongly disagree with the freezing of anybody's accounts. Our stance is let them powerdown, and leave if that is what they desire. First rule of life, do not mess with a man's money. This is in the best interest of Steem. Freezing their accounts may be good for the short run, as far as the witness list goes. But in the long run this is going to hurt Steem. Why would anybody come to a place to invest, when they see people can have their accounts frozen? We need to get out there and start voting witnesses running 22.5.

Im sorry but we strongly disagree with the freezing of anybody's accounts.

No need to apologize for that.
There are alternatives and they need to be found. I have noticed inconsistencies in how the the Steem blockchain is performing such as this account being at 80 something % vote power then 100% a short time later and not reverting back to what it should be.
While I agree in principal regarding your position on freezing of accounts, there are other measures that would limit hostile activity such as voting for witnesses through proxies then removing those votes over time and flag attacks.
There is no need to freeze accounts provided more suitable alternatives are agreed upon.
Would it provide more stability if objecting Witnesses voluntarily disable their node (is that the right term?) or vice versa, while the work of reaching consensus on a new version is being done?
Who wants to invest in a block chain where your asset can be frozen right? Its not good for business

very great points indeed! Within time I do think we can get all this resolved, and achieve great things. But there is still no open communication between all the witnesses, but we are working on it:)

Yes that was @hashkings at that time mark
So I am not 100 percent about the exact differences of forks, however; 22.8 seems to include code that excludes users or freezes accounts from what I understand. We have no real power of witness voting,as I think as long as witness exist in this matter, we should not .
Vote for who you want, with your stake. That is MY OPINION.
In a free platform people are bound to try and troll, flag and such.
This is less of a problem than having stale witnesses taking valuable votes and roles as we try to rebuild or stabilize he blockchain.
Apparently yes, witnesses can run any version, but the less productive the more wasteful it is.

28 @aggroed ?

he is witness on Hive. This does not seem like a reasonable thing to allow.

Anyone willing to address the issue of having Hive witnesses on Steem?

Yes. I have seen he is powering down. One the things we would like to address is witnesses who are not active or producing blocks, yet still have witness votes and place. I personally think the witnesses should NOT be on both chains as witnesses. It would be a conflict of interest PRESENTLY.

Has anyone thought of only allowing a witness vote be valid for six months?
It become part of the code and have the added benefit of making people more aware of the importance of witness selection.
I would really like to see each witness make a statement regarding their position of upcoming changes so people can adjust their votes accordingly.

Maybe a general statement as to what the overall aims are, such as:
Encouraging a higher adoption rate
Dealing with flag abuse
tackling the problem of plagiarism
tackling the problem of identity theft
Removing the confiscation of dust payments from small accounts and passing them on to the largest stake holders

This is a great question. I would be happy to ask these questions or if yu can please join us for the chance to ask some yourself.

Yea I would love to join the conversation.
I must have missed something because I do not know where or when it takes place : )

It is on Mondays 7pm PST. We are looking to probably do an earlier show at 11am/noon pst on the same day, for 2x the chances to have people participate.
It takes place within the Canna Curate discord on #GreenHouseRadioOnline
Look forward to speaking with you.

Excellent, I will sort out what time that is here and do my best to there. Thanks

yeah -- i have agreed in all those points

Once again thank you for attending. Also thanks for @rupa-bot!

testing either my bot is able to capture mentions or not @steem-supporter

thanks for hosting it

Good Stuff!! Let's bring on the next one.

Right on. See you next Monday. It was great hearing from you and we look ~RESPECT~

Very positive with the excitement of every one who attended. Going forward, once we all get to know each other, and most importantly our schedules, I am confident we will advance Steem from it’s current state.

Mad respect for hosting our show tonight GHRO!

Great Job to everyone. I think this was a productive way in moving forward. I was happy to hear everyone's views and I was impressed by how civilized the conversation was. I am excited about the next one, thanks everyone!

Thank you, and can’t wait to get shit done!

I basically disagree with this opinion.
I think we should protect Steemit from hackers more strongly.

We are always interested in keeping our personal property and finances safe. How do you propose we protect steemit more strongly?

They were hackers who attacked the chain, and I don't think there is a need to protect the hacker's assets.
The object to be protected is the general user.
They are still hiding and are constantly attacking the chain through self-voating and excessive transaction induction.
And they even ignored development contracts through SPS. Why should we protect them?

please check
They're still not turning off the power, and they're still leaving it unattended. That's why the backup witnesses' rankings are not rising.
In order to protect the chain more efficiently, I think we should eliminate the right to vote just like them. Only then can the steem chain stabilize.

I understand that there were many actions taken that some of us agree , were completely unnecessary in regards to the way the Steemitaccounts (Justin and Ned) transaction occurred.
There never should have been a a freezing of ANYONE'S assets . After the fork and the tide has changed, it seems like the same treatment has been used again select accounts. There are exclusions to airdrops, blacklist and whatnot, claims of censorship, etc..from both sides of the story.
What we hope to achieve through co operation is the removal of witnesses who are not active/stale to allow those who seek to stabilize the chain can fill that role.
We think that maybe by allowing these accounts who want to power down in order to leave steem would be a generous gesture that Steem is prepared to move on and get back to work. There are still many passionate people here who create content, create games and dapps as well as run whole communities powered by the steem platforms.
Please join us Mondays so we can start collaborating on ways to get these things.
We do not want to leave.