Yes. I have seen he is powering down. One the things we would like to address is witnesses who are not active or producing blocks, yet still have witness votes and place. I personally think the witnesses should NOT be on both chains as witnesses. It would be a conflict of interest PRESENTLY.

Has anyone thought of only allowing a witness vote be valid for six months?
It become part of the code and have the added benefit of making people more aware of the importance of witness selection.
I would really like to see each witness make a statement regarding their position of upcoming changes so people can adjust their votes accordingly.

Maybe a general statement as to what the overall aims are, such as:
Encouraging a higher adoption rate
Dealing with flag abuse
tackling the problem of plagiarism
tackling the problem of identity theft
Removing the confiscation of dust payments from small accounts and passing them on to the largest stake holders

This is a great question. I would be happy to ask these questions or if yu can please join us for the chance to ask some yourself.

Yea I would love to join the conversation.
I must have missed something because I do not know where or when it takes place : )

It is on Mondays 7pm PST. We are looking to probably do an earlier show at 11am/noon pst on the same day, for 2x the chances to have people participate.
It takes place within the Canna Curate discord on #GreenHouseRadioOnline
Look forward to speaking with you.

Excellent, I will sort out what time that is here and do my best to there. Thanks

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