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RE: SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #29

in #steemworld2 years ago

Hello @steemchiller and thank you for this wonderful tool. However, I have a problem. I have a second account for my actifit activity, my username is @erikahfit and I'm only holding 16 SP at the moment. I've set up autovoter weeks ago (10% for two users), my mana is on 100% but autovoter is not working. At first I thought it might be a mana thing but now my mana is at 100% and a 10% upvote should be possible without any problem. Am I missing something? I would appreciate a little help here.


Hi @erikah, looks like it's related to a setting/problem with the autovoter you are using. Does it still not work? Maybe you should contact the developer of the autovoter ;)

Oh God! I made a mistake, I have confused you with the developer of the autovoter 🤦 😁 Please excuse me and disregard my message. 😁