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RE: SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #29

Thanks again for providing this. I don't do Discord and when people say they need Ginabot I wonder why as this tells me everything I need to know.

One slight glitch though. My jaw dropped last night when your Steem info feed claimed Steem had shot up past .80 each, but on checking the exchanges it seems to actually be around the .50-.52 mark. You might want to check how your system is collecting the price feeds as something is off. No biggie for me really as I have no plans on cashing out, but for a minute I was woohoo loudly.


I needed to switch to a few months ago (coinmarketcap is no longer free) and there seems to be a bug in their current price discovery logic ( shows the same price). Looks like they currently only use Bithumb as source (prices should come from various exchanges and an average value should be delivered via the API). I guess/hope that it will be fixed in the coming days.