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RE: SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #40

I somehow have more than 1000 liquid STEEMs and I noticed a weird bug on SW. After clicking on "Available STEEM", it puts "1,206.820" in the form. But the comma breaks it and SW operates with it as if there was no other number after the comma (so Sell Amount = 1... take a look at the buy amount of SBD).
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Removing the comma completely fixes the problem.
Bez názvu.png

I have one more suggestion. In the "Transfer Search" section I would really welcome a button that would swap the recipient and the sender. Doing it manually every time is exhausting.

Thank you.


I'm not sure if it helps, but by making a double click into one of those fields the current account's name will be entered automatically. If the field already contains that name, it will be cleared. So, making two double clicks in a row will reset the fields ;)

Thanks for the bug report! It's fixed now ;)

Will see what I can do in 'Transfer Search' when I find time in the coming weeks. I'm still very busy with the Steem Engine implementation...

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