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I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so having to place the markers for opening and closing paragraphs for each paragraph, means my hands are in pain by the end of my day. So I am looking forward to seeing how yours works.

I'm not sure, if this is what you need, but paragraphs will be created automatically with my editor. You just type in your text and it will open a new paragraph after hitting the return key twice:

If so, it means you are actually getting 5% of the total?

The beneficiary part is being subtracted beforehand (10% of the 75% that goes to the author). Here is a great info graphic by @jga that shows how the payout is being spread. It's a bit outdated (was HF19 logic with 30 minutes curator time window and beneficiary rewards only in SP), but it's still very useful:

Then I come across you asking for a keychain. Is that a different wallet with other passwords?

I'm currently not using it anymore and I do understand why Steemit does not implement it in it's current state (I guess they will come up with an own solution or fork it and clean up the code, encrypt/hide visible private keys in the settings dialog etc.), but it is still the one extension we have and it works good for most cases (has just been a bit buggy with Firefox on my end, but I'm not sure, if that's still the case).


The beneficiary part is being subtracted beforehand (10% of the 75% that goes to the author).

Thanks. Which sounds like you are getting more?

10% of Author share


7.5% of total earned? (if you are earning 10% of the 75%). I would say choose that which SOUNDS less, it is always a better marketing strategy.

They are exactly the same, so maybe I am just quibbling.

Is there any likelyhood of editors ever allowing more than one kind of font (as in html) and colour of fonts? I am posting books of mine (12 x 750 pages) which need colours and fonts for the story to make sense, which as things currently stand, means I will have to post the pages as images of each page - a very cumbersome way of posting and, I imagine, expensive in memory usage. Also, I seem to recall that number of words in a post are important...though I do not recall whether they affect Rep or anything else.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I am aware of how busy you are and appreciate it.