SteemWorld Update / New Tool Planned / Downloadable Steem Accounts DB

in #steemworldlast year (edited)

I'm in the process of adding a new tool to SteemWorld that will give us an overview of all Steem accounts with many different filtering and sorting capabilities.

The tool will offer predefined sets of data like:

  • top/flop accounts by vesting shares (SP)
  • top/flop accounts by STEEM/SBD balance
  • top/flop accounts by reputation
  • top/flop accounts by earned author/curation rewards
  • biggest active Powerdowns
  • newest/oldest Steem accounts
  • and more...

It will also be possible to search for specific criteria.
For example, one can search for accounts:

  • where recovery_account = abc
  • where proxy = abc
  • where mined = 1
  • and more...

In regards to keeping the database updated in real-time I'm still in the planning stage and maybe I will build an own plugin for steemd for this. As I already parse each block for other tools on SteemWorld, I might implement it in the existing parsing routines. I will see what's the best solution in my case and keep you updated.

For now I created a test (SQLite) db that contains all the data I need (updated last night) with simple indices (no multi column indices for now, just one for each column in the table). If you are a developer or statistics guy and you want to play around with the data, you can download the (xz compressed) database here:
( 96.6 MB compressed / 586.0 MB uncompressed )

The accounts table currently contains the following columns:

  • id
  • name
  • recovery_account
  • proxy
  • created
  • last_account_recovery
  • last_account_update
  • last_owner_update
  • last_post
  • last_root_post
  • last_vote_time
  • next_vesting_withdrawal
  • balance
  • sbd_balance
  • reward_steem_balance
  • reward_sbd_balance
  • reward_vesting_balance
  • reward_vesting_steem
  • savings_balance
  • savings_sbd_balance
  • vesting_shares
  • delegated_vesting_shares
  • received_vesting_shares
  • to_withdraw
  • withdrawn
  • vesting_withdraw_rate
  • curation_rewards
  • posting_rewards
  • reputation
  • pending_claimed_accounts
  • post_count
  • savings_withdraw_requests
  • withdraw_routes
  • can_vote
  • mined

If you are on Linux, you can just install 'DB Browser for SQLite' (open source) and jump directly into the db explorer simply by double-clicking the file (after decompressing it from steem_accounts.sqlite3.xz to steem_accounts.sqlite3 of course).

As @amico stated, the SQLite DB Browser is also available for Windows and MacOS ;)

Have fun and Steem on!

If you like what I do and you want me to be your Steem witness,
please vote for @steemchiller on or


Thanks for this tool. Voted for you as a witness!

Of course I will stay! 😊

@steemchiller Can I ask you why you decided to stay on Steem?

Give me liberty or give me death.

Alright, good luck. Sad that I won’t be able to use your site anymore.

Take care =}

Yes @steemchiller, the famous quote of my countryman, Patrick Henry, leading up to the Revolutionary War ... 🙂

Thank you for your contribution. I really appreciate it.

If you add your proposal on HIVE you can get your airdrop @steemchiller.

I would be so happy to see HiveWorld.

I would like to see that too; do you know how this proposal works on Hive?

I think @steemchiller is very smart to figure it all out. I am just saying it's here for him to use and get his HIVE rewards.

No , no and no. Use steem and steemworld.

Very good @steemchiller. Great to finally see the beginnings of some database functionality ...

"... or statistics guy and you want to play around with the data ..."

... as this is the category I would fall into. Just a question now of the time to get it open, export the data to MS Access (my preferred DB), etc. We'll see ...

Spending less and less time "in here" or on "that other one," I also see you have launched into being a Witness. I had removed all of my witness votes. As I have always considered you "one of the good guys," I have voted the + 22 MVests under my control in support of your efforts. Even knowing there is really only one vote that counts ...

Still ... Out of principle, it is the thought that counts ...

I wish you well!

Hi @roleerob, thanks for your support!

Great to finally see the beginnings of some database functionality ...

Oh yes, I think we all should work more with local/prepared databases for data analysis instead of throwing thousands of requests at public RPC instances (as many developers still do). This kind of brings me back to my ideas in my last SPS proposal. Building a freely extendable open source Steem Data Service (SDS) in Node.js that comes with great compression capabilities, so that one doesn't need to run a heavy steemd instance with uncompressed block_log (currently already >250GB space required and growing daily).

I would definitely continue to work on that, if I would get the resources to do so. The dream won't go away until it becomes reality.

... as this is the category I would fall into.

I am glad that I have aroused your interest :) As @amico stated, the SQLite DB Browser is also available for Windows and MacOS.

Have a nice day ;)

Well @steemchiller ... What did I say to you not all that long ago? "I hope to be proven wrong ..."

With the "news" this morning, what do we say? Ugghhh ... Is my first thought ...

I see you are no longer showing as an active Witness. That didn't take long. Perhaps you will write another post with your current views? Or not ... I wonder what you are thinking at the moment ...


Anyway, the one witness I could support is now gone. I have removed my support. If anything changes, it will be easy enough to add my support back ...

I'm in maintenance mode and in the process of configuring a new steemd (MIRA) instance. While running the blockchain replay, a witness needs to change his signing key to let the network know that his node might not be available for some time.

Just to let you know, a 'disabled' witness status does not always signal a complete shutdown.

Perhaps you will write another post with your current views?

I will do, but I prefer to take some time for me to think about what is really happening. All the dust makes it hard to see the truth clearly at this moment. The old witnesses are still attacking and milking this blockchain, that's a fact. None of them should be running a node on Steem, as they decided to work on Hive. I will keep investigating...

See you (hopefully) later ;)

Okay @steemchiller ...

"I will do, but I prefer to take some time for me to think about what is really happening."

... that is wise. 👍 And ... I'm patient ... 😉

Justin Sun is delegating @steemit funds to people that milk the blockchain

Hello @Roleerob!! It will be a pleasure to stay in touch to provide further information about this project by @leveuf focused in the growth and education on the operation of this platform for new and little accounts. It will launch delegations of 200 sp starting with 10 users provided by @leveuf's account. A roadmap is in progress for input and discussion.
Best regards!

Hello @Roleerob!! I've been working in this project for the account @Knitrias. It would be great to count with your input and advice. If you like the project maybe you want to share with other users too! A big hug and here it is:

KNITRIAS PROJECT | Definition and Roadmap

So @steemchiller, with this stated above ...

"... there is really only one vote that counts ..."

... it would appear your presumed private "appeal" to be one of the "approved" Witnesses has been "accepted" only hours ago. With that accomplished, it really makes no difference what support you receive from anyone else.

The only question remaining is what will be required of you to maintain this "approved" position. Both now and in the future ...

In whatever "big mess" is currently going "in here" @steemchiller, I just sent you this comment on a post that I actually can no longer find!? Was it censored?

Anyway, here it is again:

News flash!! 🙂 My friend ...

"I am not and I do not plan to be active on H-i-v-e ..."

["emphasis" added mine ... ]

... you may wish to reconsider. On an "official" post, published a couple of hours ago, we find this:

"The list of incorrectly excluded accounts are as follows:"

@steemchiller (and @steemflower) are on it! 👍 I will be looking forward to what you think upon learning this.

Hey @roleerob!

Was it censored?

That was to be expected. The message has been delivered and no longer needs to be visible on the trending page.

Now we will see, if actions are being taken. I hope they will work on a 'defused' version so that we can make progress as quickly as possible to de-escalate the current situation.

Some decisions probably have not been made in consultation with all the major investors. A successful businessman doesn't contradict himself so enormously in such a short period of time, so it was clear to me that something was not properly communicated to the upper level.

@steemchiller (and @steemflower) are on it!

Good to hear. It took way to long to come up with a professional solution, but I'm used to it. We live in crazy times, but many things seem to change for the better. Finally the skies are blue again in my country. Has been a daily mix of grey for years... :)

You surprise me @steemchiller ...

"That was to be expected."

... with your apparent ease in accepting this. While I have clearly indicated I do not favor either side of this mess, there is growing evidence tipping the scales that "this side" is worse. Based on what I "said" to you not so long ago, "Even knowing there is really only one vote that counts ..."

There is an old saying here:

"... better the devil you know than the devil you don't know ..."

Collins Dictionary

No question the H.i.v-e is home to all of the "usual suspects." Are the "new and improved suspect(s)" here any better? I think not ...

Hopefully this latest development will provide you some encouragement to reconsider where you will be investing your future efforts.

"... better the devil you know than the devil you don't know ..."

The thing is that we both cannot know what the other side has to offer once all the mess is gone and the good is being allowed to come to light. Defining the unknown as more evil just because it is not known comes with a problem. It creates kind of a constant that will never change, because we don't allow the unknown to be discovered.

I know that you have a more cautious approach than most people here and that might be a good idea. First finding out in which world one feels more comfortable to live, instead of blindly following the masses in jumping off a cliff, has something to it... ^^

Hmmm. You are obviously set @steemchiller ...

"... what the other side has to offer once all the mess is gone and the good is being allowed to come to light."

... on your present course. Accordingly, I will not invest any more of my time to challenge some of what you have to say here.

You may wish to read this post, as continue to ponder your future ...

If of any concern, not to worry. With this final comment now written, I will not be troubling you to reconsider again.

Thanks for your continuous work in developing Steemworld, can't wait to play on these upcoming tools.

Hello, @Steemchiller, I'm sure the new tools will be interesting to see in these weeks. Also I want to make a question, I'm having some trouble creating an account, mostly for recovery but for other project too. I've never created one, is it working, need I to check some info?
Best winds for the projects!! :)
Thanks a lot!!

First go to and sign in with your posting key. If you don't own any account tickets yet, you need to claim one with RC or STEEM. If you don't have enough RC (you need ~ 5000 SP) to claim a ticket, you need to pay the account creation fee (3 STEEM).

After claiming a ticket choose a name for the new account and let the tool generate a random Master Key by clicking on 'Generate'. Store that key in a safe place, before proceeding. You might want to make a copy of the displayed private keys as well.

All private keys are derived from the Master Password, so it is always possible to calculate them later (for example with SteemWorld's Key Generator).

Then just click on 'Create Account', enter your current private active key (or use SteemConnect for signing) and the account will be created. Keep in mind that the new account will not have any SP, so you might need to delegate some later.

In case the account creation fee should not be displayed correctly in the dialog, just refresh the page once. I fixed a bug in there today ;)

Thank you very much!!! :D
It worked perfectly!!
Just awesome tools, @Steemchiller!!!
Best wishes for what's to come!

Thanks for your support in my creation, @Steemchiller!!
It will be a pleasure to keep in touch to provide further information about this project, it will be mainly focused in the growth of new and little accounts and education on the operation of this blockchain and its DApps. A roadmap is in process for inputs and discussion.
Best regards!!

I know you are now with lots of work, but here is a new project for the steem blockchain for new a little accounts.
Best vibes, @Steemchiller and thanks for your work!!

KNITRIAS PROJECT | Definition and Roadmap

Thanks for the database, @steemchiller!

For others interested, SQL Lite Browser is also available for MacOS and Windows.


A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


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Ich glaube aufgrund der Ausgangssperren in Zeiten des “Corona“ gibt es nur einen Ausweg für den Menschen, und das ist das Internet. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie schwer es ohne diesen Luxus wäre.
Unser Sohn hat sich für Informatik entschieden, und als Hausaufgaben der Schule sollen sie ein paar Programme schreiben. Ich werde ihm später deinen Link zeigen, vielleicht findet er ihn interessant und fängt an damit zu experimentieren. Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit, und wir freuen uns die neuen Tools auf Steemworld zu sehen.

Can you run a api node as a witness owner ,i see their many problem steemit api.It will really helpful for developers if you can run a api like anyx doing.

As I stated in my witness intro post, I will provide a full RPC node as soon as I can afford ;) If all works as planned, I will continue to work on my SDS (Open Source Steem Data Service), which will enable many of us to work with the blockchain data in a more efficient way and without the need of running a heavy steemd instance.

I missed this one when you posted it.
Thanks for being you and creating the best tool created for our Blockchain.
I have not felt this good about Steem for three years It is starting to feel cleaner with the departures.
Maybe thats just me

Awesome tool steemworld is. I loved the simplicity and reliability. Does SteemWorld parse everything direct from the Steem blockchain or from a centralize database constantly syncing data from Steem blockchain?

Thank you! Yes, one SteemWorld server parses the data directly from a locally running steemd instance. The users on SteemWorld then get the data from the created databases. I also cache some normal condenser API requests on server to take some load from the connected full node.

Its giving pleasure to see updates in here, where most of are choice different source and blockchain, always with steemit!

Thank you for staying on and helping maintain the blockchain. You've always had my support from Day 1. I remember the first day I came to Steem and posted, your website was suggested to me, and I have never stopped using it!

Thanks for continue improving your amazing tools!

Gut dass du weiter machst, bin gespannt auf das Tool. Halt die Ohren Steif

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missing you on hive as well

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Thanks for the update🙏❤️!!!

Hey, you probably noticed already, but Steemit censored your latest post about softfork.

But just in case you missed it, I wanted you to know. I'm a small player and we have very different viewpoints, but I truly liked steemworld and it was one of the best tools on Steem.

Hi @steemchiller, a modest tip of appreciation:
$trendotoken and !trendovoter .
Also, please check out my Fourth Nonsense Writing Contest.

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