SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #10

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

We made it!

Welcome to level 20 of the Steem Game!
To reach the next level you need 523673254364353453 RC.

Are you kidding me? Can't even read that number, dude... ^^

I'm still working on the coming features, which I mentioned in my last post, and don't have much time to explain what is happening in background currently. I don't even know exactly what is coming next, because of a few very high priority tasks that got my attention recently. If all goes well, the Block Explorer will be ready in the next week.

As my resource credits are way to low to claim any new accounts, priorities have changed and the new 'Account Creator' will be finished later than expected.

I started to work on it, but failed immediately:

Seriously, we need to do something in the front-end to display the credits in a more readable format. I could do that on SteemWorld but it would not make much sense, because the error messages from the RPC nodes will show it in a different format anyway. Something to be thought about...

Recent changes

Resource Credits & Voting Mana

  • New section in Account Details:

The field 'Current Voting Mana Status' basically is just a different name for 'Voting Power' (VP) and I'm going to change the label in the coming days to make it a bit easier to understand.

  • RC Status in Account Stats:

The field 'STEEM Power' shows the real (effective) SP in detail. In my case it's 3,094.51 = (3,156.00 + 204.00 - 25.02 - 240.48) = (own SP + received SP - delegated SP - coming powerdown SP).

Support for encrypted memos

To read the memo just click on the '[ encrypted message ]' link and enter your private memo key:

The decrypted message will be displayed in a separate popup:

To send an encrypted message just add '#' at the beginning of your transfer memo:

Warning when using a Master Key on SteemWorld

I know that many other tools accept the user's Master Key and automatically derive the required one from it, but I won't do that. I think the best way to teach people not to use it for normal transactions is to just not allow it:

Thanks to @pfunk and @someguy123 for their informative posts on the topic ;)

In the making

Block / Transaction Explorer

  • This important but still missing feature will be implemented in the coming days. The details of each account operation now contain a new 'Transaction Info' field, where we can see the block number, transaction id, transaction index and operation index. The numbers will be clickable so that we can jump directly to the Block Explorer to be able to see all details of the related block / transaction.

Improved Recent Posts Overview

  • Planning to add different views (list, miniature, date) and a possibility to find / navigate to older posts in a more comfortable way.

  • Improving the post refresh logic to take some load from the connected nodes. Only refresh posts when needed and there have been coming in related account operations.


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,


Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit! Steemworld ist für mich das beste Tool! Weiter so 👍 100% Upvote 👌

Loving your work, @steemchiller!

I recently sent you a message on, could you reply to that whenever you get a chance?


It's always a great work, @steemchiller! Don't forget to advertize the Steem Chiller Tools. The SCT gadget is as useful as the Steemworld. I can't stand without it.

I absolutely love Steemworld!

Thank you, @SteemChiller
SteemWorld has helped up navigate HF20.

Can we deligate or RCs? I would gladly give some to you.

Thank you, but RCs are derived from the available effective vesting shares (SP), therefore it's not possible to delegate them directly. So basically when delegating SP the delegator's RCs will also decrease and the delegatee's RCs will increase.

Any plans to display the approximate RC costs for the operations like in Steemd (how much it costs to post/vote/transfer)?

Also, when simulating SP, I think it would be nice to also simulate the RC amount that corresponds to that amount of SP.

Yes, that's already planned and will come after implementing the Block Explorer ;)

Yes! Great! :D

I like that option too! Thanks for mentioning it.

Hey @steemchiller. Great to get the “latest, greatest” from the “front lines” of all of your great efforts, on our behalf!

”To read the memo just click on the '[ encrypted message ]' link and enter your private memo key “

Whoa, what?! An actual use for our private memo key? Wow!! 😉

”I know that many other tools accept the user's Master Key and automatically derive the required one from it, but I won't do that. I think the best way to teach people not to use it for normal transactions is to just not allow it “

I like this. A lot! Consistent with your philosophy to do your best to look out for us!!

”… and a possibility to find / navigate to older posts in a more comfortable way. “

I really like this “preview of coming attractions.” 👍 Can’t tell you how many times that would’ve come in handy for me, in the past … Very excited to see this new functionality “brought to life!”

Until the “next time,” all the best to you @steemchiller, for a better tomorrow!

Keep the good work up. It warms my heart to see your payouts going up. The community really likes your work and shows it.

Thank you for what you do. I use Steem World everyday. I'm pretty new here and I'm just starting to understand everything that I don't know. SW helps me by presenting the block chain data in a format I can understand. Thanks again.

Appreciate all the work you do @steemchiller! Having SteemWorld makes the Steemit experience much more enjoyable and understandable.

Also hope your foot is recovering well!

Hey, @steemchiller.

Good ol' hard fork 20, eh? Things seem to be settling down some from the initial implementation of it, but there still appears to be some lingering effects.

All the changes and upgrading you've been doing continues to be awesome. Now, if you could get to what you want to do without something coming along to reprioritize what you're doing, that would be cool.

I appreciate the commas you're providing for the RCs. That at least helps to read the number even if it seems to be way too big for any practical purposes. Maybe we could call them Giga-and TeraRCs? :)

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world

That's it!!!!!

I really appreciate that you won't allow people to use their Master Password on Steem World. Normally I would say to let people use what they want, but most people don't know... or they are probably just making a mistake. Thanks for helping keep people safe. Hopefully it helps remind people to keep that PW safe and to use the lowest-required pw when validating things.

Thanks for all you do!

I think being able to find older posts is a key function. It is so hard to find topics once they pass the 7 day point. If you don't keep organized bookmarks so you can find them, it is hard to share with newbies and those that haven't found the answers they are looking for.

But the grandma in me has to say, that many deep breaths and relax occasionally. You have a very big job ahead of you, take care of yourself and then you can take care of all that you do for us. Thank you!

Thanks for your nice comment!

I think being able to find older posts is a key function.

Yes, that's true. Hopefully in a few weeks from now we will have it in the tool. I've planned some really great features, one of them will be a search function for older posts ;)

For sure. Full 100% and resteemed :-)
Thank you very much.

Excellent work as always! Thanks so much for all you are doing.

I have a question you might be able to answer:
Where can I find the data, how much RC a specific action has been used by the system (like a posted article, comment or given vote)? I know gives me some numbers and also percentages, where I could figure this out, but is somewhere on the blockchain an entry like "post (link)" used up "" RC?

Thank you!

is somewhere on the blockchain an entry like "post (link)" used up "" RC?

I'm not sure if it's already possible, but I need to say, I didn't spend much time on calculating transaction costs yet. I know that they are still working on improvements for the RC API to enable other platforms and apps to receive such data in an easier way without having to calculate the values by themselves. In about two weeks from now I can tell you more ;)

Ok, thank you very much! I am looking forward seeing what you come up with!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

I've read through your post and all of the comments, and there's not much more for me to add except to say thank you.

And if no one has told you yet today, you really are awesome :)

Great that you won’t allow use of Master password. It’s far to easy to use it when you shouldn’t and not enough instructions for new users of proper use of different types of keys.

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Thank you so much for steemworld. It's so awesome. If you want to estimate the RC costs of a transaction, like @aiyumi recommended, check out this part of beem. That's a submodule of beem, the leading python module for steem interactions, where all the RC costs get calculated. That could be of great help because you won't have to figure the exact calculation out for yourself from the steem source code.
Also, maybe you can get in contact with a whale on steem that would be ready to make his RC available for you for testing the account creation. I'd bet one of the bigger voters on your post would test that feature for you :)

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

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you made a good job-thanks for your work-
i miss a button what says--how manny it cost,the upvotes,comments ore a transfer of a post......

best greatings feuerelfe

Thanks for your awesome products. I’d be lost without SteemWorld. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the continued updates as soon as the Hard Fork was released! It was great to keep up with the changes with the website! is improving day by day. I think no application is better than this which gives us insight of our accounts as well as the current status of the steem blockchain. I salute to you dear @steemchiller for developing such a nice tool.

Your tool remains the best there is. By far. Upvote and resteem, as always.

Have a great weekend.

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Hallo @steemschiller ich möchte mich mal für für Deine Arbeit bedanken die Du der Gemeinschaft zur gute kommen lässt es wird leicht zur Selbstverständlichkeit die es aber keinesfalls ist vielen Dank👍

It is one of my favorite tools on Steemit right now and uses it to check the instant transactions, voting power and who votes for me all the time. It is an essential tool to increase my overall user experience.

You are really going to have some trouble recoding the site because of the RC system. Just take your time. I am sure that the right idea will appear in the right time. 😃

Sigo dando mi apoyo porque me parece mmuy útil tu plataforma, sin embargo, creo que una cosita me está dando error explico: el monto total con el que liquida mi post es diferente al que aparece en esta plataforma

Thank you! Do you have an example that shows the difference? In which section did it occur, Coming Author Rewards or Recent Posts? Maybe it's related to the current state of public nodes.

I currently need to use the Steemit node ( as main endpoint, because there is still no stable alternative available. The data from that node seems to be no longer synchronized in real time, which could be the reason for the difference.

I currently need to use the Steemit node ( as main endpoint, because there is still no stable alternative available. The data from that node seems to be no longer synchronized in real time, which could be the reason for the difference.

This makes me a bit worried, I thought Steem was supposed to be decentralized?

Yes, it is decentralized, but regarding to the number of available public nodes it's not really the case currently. I guess it has to do with the many updates in the recent weeks and the fact that a blockchain replay for a full node takes several days...

I think we need kind of a reward for people who supply the network with a stable RPC node. The hardware is very expensive (If I could afford, I would start an own node) and not all top witnesses are providing such endpoint to us, so their witness rewards go into other things. As more and more users are joining the Steem network, this problem becomes more and more important.

Thanks for your many great votes btw ;)

Hm ... shouldn't "providing access to the blockchain" be one of the main duties of the witnesses? Is there a different API only for broadcasting the latest blocks, or do they provide APIs that are firewalled so only other witnesses can use it?

You do have a witness list - add a column there for "has active RPC endpoint", so that's also something people can consider when choosing whom to give the witness votes to. Perhaps even a "red flag column", which would show a red flag for any witness that is either:

  • not running a public API
  • having a price feed too far from the average and/or the coinmarketcap feed
  • Having an "unhealthy" APR wish. This is of course subjective what's considered "unhealthy" (anything above 0 in my personal opinion), but "three times the average" is probably a more objective yard stick
  • Too high "missed" ... perhaps 5%?
  • Running a "too old" version ... or perhaps not, it's probably healthy with a mix of different versions on the network.
  • Not participating on the test network
  • Other?


Lieber @steemchiller,
ich hätte da gerne mal ein Problem-. In der Steemhistorie begegnen meiner Neugier ganz entscheidende Hindernisse. So konnte man dort früher noch gut 3 Monate zurück blättern. Ob es sich dabei nun um Kommentare, das Wallet oder Artikel handelte, Steemit hat 3 Monate zurück geblättert. Heute zeigt der Condenser deutlich weniger, bevor weiteres Scrollen verweigert wird.

Deine Steemworld bringt ganz wunderbar viele verschiedene Ereignisse der Blockchain auf den Schirm. Man kann sie komfortabel filtern, sogar solche, die man auf Steemit überhaupt nicht zu Gesicht bekommt. Aber auch bei dir bekommt man jegliche Historie nur eingeschränkt über acht Tage. Natürlich hat das was mit der Belastbarkeit deiner Server zu tun. Das ist mir schon klar. Nur – was kann ich tun, wenn ich z.B. alle Transfers eines Accounts von Anfang an listen möchte? Ich bin kein Programmierer und die Annäherung an die Lösung dieser Aufgabe würde mich Tage kosten. Hast du da einen praktischen Tipp? Sozusagen Instant–Wissen für Kids. Das wäre sicher auch eine Idee für gut bezahlte Artikel!

Danke für deine Aufmerksamkeit.

Lieber @afrog,

wenn ich richtig verstanden habe, was du möchtest, dann ist das in der SteemWorld schon drin:

Tools / Transfer Search

Nur Name eingeben ohne Datum; dann erhältst du alle Transfers dieses Accounts.

Lieben Gruß

Danke @double-u. Die Tools hatte ich nie benutzt. Daher kam das auch nicht bis auf meinen Schirm. Lieber @steemchiller, vergiss die Frage einfach! Du bist noch besser, als ich eh schon dachte.

Yes, the APIs are separated and a full API node requires an extra server which is much, much faster than a normal witness server. They also (in most cases) provide an extra seed node just for spreading the blocks to other nodes. So we have three servers...

I think it would not change much, if I would add the information in the witness list, because it is already a well known problem. It may even be that some witnesses are really good in what they are doing but technically not on a level to maintain a full node. Difficult to say and define what is a 'right' or 'wrong' way for them.

That's why I came to the idea that we might need a reward for full node maintainers, so that there is a good reason for people that are able to provide a stable endpoint to do so. Even non-witnesses should have the option in my eyes.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea

Probablemente sea lo que comentas del tiempo real sin embargo te dejo el ejemplo que sucedió en las últimas dos publicaciones liquidadas.
prueba 1.png

Wow, now I see it. It looks like the amount on Steemit is not correct. When I use a calculator and sum up all vote values, I come to a value > 10.8:

Es bastante extraño...

Greetings from Aztec lands, thank you very much for this important work, having control and supervision of our accounts through SteemWorld, makes the work much easier, always aware of your publications.

Thanks so much for figuring out the deal with resource credits and adding it so quickly.

hey @steemchiller, hope you are well.

you know i noticed sth in steemworld; i have only done one delegation, of 30 Steem to greektrail, and yet the Stats tab in your SteemWorld software shows two delegations.

That's a bit odd, wouldn't you say? Just thought I might mention this to you.

All the best!

It's no delegation but the amount of your coming Powerdown for the current week. Since HF20 we can't use that SP for voting anymore, therefore I'm showing the available (effective) vesting shares at the top now.

When you move the mouse over the numbers, there will pop up a hint with a short explanation ;)

thanks for responding! and thanks for explaining!

it ALL makes sense now

Thanks for everything. Also, I had asked to have a way to scroll back to my very first post, but it sounds to me like you are taking that idea a few steps further and providing a search function that will work (even google only goes back about 70 posts). Great - and thanks

LOL 6.25 trillion RCs... Gonna have to save up

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Nice works. Congratulations

Great job as usually! Dont worry if you have less time for some projects. We have time it will be done later than😉

Totally a big fan of Steemworld! I use it, nearly constantly! So upvoted 100%. Thank you for such a great dapp, keep it up!

Hi, just want to ask you if you have an discord?

Because, I found a problem with RC Status:

on steemitworld (yesterday, before i received SP from other account), it shows me 100% full, the RC Status, Mana too, 100%, but, i have not be able to post anything, nor post nor comments, nothing.

I struggled arround, and my housband has research, what the problem is, and found, that on steemd, my SP was 100%, but RC Status on was almost 0% !!!

Please check this, RC on you steemitworld doesn't show the real % of RC - do check with accounts with no many SP, and you will see the problem, because, i want to write here but i was not able, because, have not RC (which, on your steemitworld shows me almost 100%, and this is WRONG, it was not), therefore, i ask, if you have discord, where we can write to you, and not just here, because, if we have like i problem, and not be able, how do we contact you?

Take a look at my RC status on steemitworld now, and look at, it is not ok, it shows WRONG %, on this moment, on steemworld, i have RC Status 98.51%, and on, RC 74.69% !!!!

It is a big bug there.

The problem is related to a synchronization outage on Steemit's RPC nodes ( I've watched your values on steemd and SteemWorld and even if they are the same at the moment, they differ sometimes a few %. When your RC decreases to 0% on steemd after you received a new delegation, it sounds as if there is something incorrect in the calculation process.

I don't calculate the max/current RC values by myself and just receive them from the nodes. I guess a few of their nodes at the endpoint are not fully synchronized and therefore the values differ sometimes. The account history is also not synchronized in real time any more and that's why on SteemWorld currently the operations do show up minutes later.

Ok, just switched to another node, and now it shows all infos are ok. Seems that is a bag on some nodes.

A suggestion: because RC is now so important, can you please make something like SP circle, maybe double Circle, SP and RC, like you have now the green circle for SP? it would be cool to see both in a circle somehow, if it is possible, because RC is now very important, to be able to see it on the first look too, like SP circle?

And maybe a table with info like in steemdb, how many posts, votes, transfers, etc can we make with RC (if drag the circle, like SP circle), that would be cool one to have infos. Thanks in advance for your work and time spending on this project. Greetings.

Thanks for the updates, and for keeping up with all the changes coming from Steemit, Inc.!

Danke für Deine Arbeit!
Wie immer upvote&resteem

As always, good work!

Would you mind If i ask a feature?

Would It be possible to add a way to check the sum of rewards recieved for more than 7 days?

Like, If i wanted to see How much i earned 10 days Ago.

Great work as alaways, @steemchiller

One question which a person like you can reply I believe. Some people upvote their own post, is it legit or can have any bad impact in future? I know a person who has 5000+ SP and uses this to upvote his own posts only.

As long as one has enough voting power to support other people, it's okay to upvote own content once in a while, especially if it's great content. Own comments should only be upvoted for visibility reasons and I don't do that normally. If someone upvotes only oneself, it shows his lack of human behaviour and he might get flagged for that in future.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Danke für deine Arbeit!!

About questions for security and alert, steemworld do the best for its user and impressed by its task.

Greetings @steemchiller, your application is excellent I use it daily.

You rock!!!

Thank you for all you do!

As always, thank you so much!!!

You da real MVP..

Thanks for your excellent work!

Keep going!

My upvote forum your work

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Excelent Work, everyday I use steemworld, thanks

Wish you all the best @steemchiller

Update are always appreciated and great task done for steemworld.

Great work.

Excellent work as always! Thanks so much for all you are doing

Thank you again for Steemworld! It truly is an invaluable resource for managing one's account.

I'm not sure if you will see this but I am wondering what the potential would be to fork your code over to the Whaleshares platform? All I can think of while I am on Whaleshares is how nice it would be to have "WhalesharesWorld" or "WSworld". The chain is very similar and I am really thinking that it would not be a terribly difficult task. Would you allow someone else to work the coding for the fork?

I just think it would be in your best interest to setup as the chain is young and the server costs could probably be paid much easier, and the chains are so similar.

Thanks, but I'm currently not really interested in Whaleshares.

Thanks @steemchiller for the great service !

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Hi. I'm Newbie! Please read my new article and upvote me. Thanks.

Hello Chiller

I really like your work, would you mind to stop by at discord for voice chat

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