SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #40

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


chiller_mode activated.
engines started.
solo 2 ready.

I'm in the process of implementing support for SMTs & SCOTs (Steem Engine) in the coming days/weeks. There will be a button to be able to switch between the different tokens in the top section of the site.

When switching to a token, the existing Redeem Rewards / Power Up / Power Down buttons can be used for the active (selected) token. Purely Steem-related buttons will be disabled or hidden, if the currently active token is not STEEM in order to keep it simple and more intuitively manageable.

Using multiple accounts for different tokens like 'chiller.pal, chiller.leo, ...' in one browser tab will not be supported for now, but may be in future. I think it makes more sense to keep it all in one Steem account.

If you should have any ideas/wishes/suggestions, just leave me a comment in this post ;)

Have a nice week!

In the making

   ( A )

  • SMTs & SCOTs (Steem Engine) support
  • Different views in the Posts Overview
  • Responsive Design for mobile devices
  • Starting a witness node
  • Post Viewer and Editor
  • Theme Builder
  • Steem Data Service (SDS)

   ( B )

  • Account Operations without limits, custom date ranges and filters, jump to day x (requires SDS)
  • Exact (separated SP, STEEM and SBD) All Time Rewards in the Stats Section (requires SDS)
  • Rewards Overview Tool with searching capabilites (requires SDS)

   ( C )

  • RC costs calculation
  • More details in Coming Rewards (number of posts/comments, pie charts?, filters?)


Local (downloadable) SteemWorld Version

[ ! ] New version with security fix for local fonts in CSS (for new Firefox version) will be available in the coming days.

As I don't want SteemWorld's availability to be dependent on external providers decisions, I prepared a locally running version of the frontend that can be downloaded here from now on. I will keep that version up to date weekly, so that we always have a stable, local alternative available.

To run the local version, just download the zip file, extract it and double click on the 'steemworld.html' file. The site will as usual run in your browser, so it does not have access to your local machine (only to parts that your browser allows).

In order to use KeyChain in the local version there is currently no other way than hosting the site on a local HTTP server on port 1337.

EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

My Mission

As I receive many requests for working on different other projects recently, I hereby want to make clear that I'm on a one-man-mission and I don't have time to work on any other things currently!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,


Start the witness node already. Time is money.

Prices for a sufficient dedicated server start at ~ 50€/month. I would make ~ 200 STEEM/month as long as I'm not in the top places. STEEM is currently priced at 0.20 USD.

Maintaining the server, installing updates and new Steem versions are connected to even less time for my developments. Calculate yourself, if now is the right time to start a witness node ;)

I see. It will probably get worse before it gets a lot better.
Stay strong!

hey Chiller, thanks for everything you do
I hope a huge whale funds you, your steemworld makes it easy really.
I wonder whether a day would come where in we could also claim some steem engine related tokens through it, too.
Kudos because you're always announcing changes and what's to come in store, imho that's how it should be done and you also add an option for us to decline or accept the changes you made.
TC and hopefully, you gather more support man.

Hello @steemchiller friend from Venezuela, crushing the oceans, I send you a big hug, again here supporting your great work.

Congratulations excellent idea to create a local version, download and see the behavior .. greetings

Volle Unterstützung für deine Arbeit! Mach bitte genauso weiter 👍

Hallo, bin ganz begeistert von Deiner Arbeit. Michael @mima2606 hat mir auch viel erzählt und ich lerne jeden Tag Dein Frontend besser kennen und schätzen. LG Yours Querdenker

Deine Pläne für das Claimen der unterschiedlichen Token hören sich sehr vielversprechend an. Der dafür nötige Klick-Marathon auf Steem-Engine ist bislang regelrecht eine Zumutung.
Danke für deine Mühe!
LG, Chriddi

Jo, ich werde auch eine Art 'Claim All Pending Tokens' Button hinzufügen. Eventuell bei der Auswahl-Box für den aktiven Token... Mal schauen, was ich da machen kann.

Und vielen Dank nochmal für deine Delegation ;)
LG, Chiller

Lieber Steemchiller
Ich versuche weiter Deiner tollen Arbeit mit einigermassen regelmäßiger Betätigung des "donate-buttons" und meinen Hinweisen dazu in den updates zum Baltengold gerecht zu werden! BGvB!

Super Aktion und vielen Dank für deine vielen Spenden! Wenn ich mal Zeit dafür habe, werde ich einen Post mit einer Übersicht über meine Top-Supporter erstellen. Da bist du mit Sicherheit auch dabei ;)

Hi @steemchiller

You will now get 100% upvote from me and my friends now

It's time to advertise you again
I will pick up the one I made last time and post it again

Denke die Tribes-Acc (chiller.pal, chiller.leo...) werden keine so große Verbreitung/Zukunft haben, mittlerweile kann man ja den "Vote weight multiplier" für jedes Tribe einstellen - hier zum Beispiel. Würde da lieber abwarten wie sich die Geschichte entwickelt. Einen Acc finde ich auch sinnvoller.

Ein "Claim All Pending Tokens" wäre natürlich fein. (Wobei ich nur PAL und LEO nutze, für den Rest fehlt mir aktuell die Zeit und Muße mich damit zu beschäftigen)

Ganz DICKES DANKE für die Zeit und Hirnschmalz die du für uns alle aufbringst!

I continue to hold them all on one account as well! Great to see this feature coming! Just started using Keychain with SteemWorld which made me happy to see how easy it is to use! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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Hallo, die gute Woche wünsche ich Dir auch. Die Arbeit die Du gerade machst. Implementierung von SMT & SMT Light (Steem Engine) stelle ich mir sehr aufwendig vor. Bin ganz gespannt wie Du das umsetzen wirst. Liebe Grüsse Michael

Ja, das wird wieder eine arbeitsreiche Woche für mich und der Umbau meines Standards wird mit Sicherheit sehr 'abenteuerlich' werden... ^^ Ich möchte ja später auch die richtigen SMT unterstützen und muss mir daher eine gute allgemeine/erweiterbare Lösung überlegen. Na ja, im Kopf habe ich es schon gelöst. Jetzt kommt die Umsetzung :)

LG, Chiller

Ich habe immer gesagt wenn der Plan gut durchdacht und ausgearbeitet ist, dann fehlt nur noch die Umsetzung. Betonung auf nur noch. Da kommt es dann natürlich auf die Entwickler Fähigkeiten an und da haben wir bei dir keinerlei Zweifel. Wünsche dir , dass alles so verläuft wie Du es dir vorstellst und wenn es ein wenig länger dauert ist es auch nicht schlimm. Ganz liebe Grüße Michael P.S. Was denkst du? Wann können wir mit dem SMT Hardfork rechnen noch in diesem Jahr also Ende oder eher im ersten Quartal 2020?

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I was waiting for your ideas on dealing with tokens and fortunately I saw you're on the way to getting them up and!!
As a suggestion, an improvement for those we drive a project that deals with multiple transactions it will be of great to have tbat implemented as well (tokens included).
Keep up the great job!
My best wishes, love'n hugs to you 😉

Great work. I use your site every time I visit Steemit. You are a gem.

I somehow have more than 1000 liquid STEEMs and I noticed a weird bug on SW. After clicking on "Available STEEM", it puts "1,206.820" in the form. But the comma breaks it and SW operates with it as if there was no other number after the comma (so Sell Amount = 1... take a look at the buy amount of SBD).
Bez názvu.png

Removing the comma completely fixes the problem.
Bez názvu.png

I have one more suggestion. In the "Transfer Search" section I would really welcome a button that would swap the recipient and the sender. Doing it manually every time is exhausting.

Thank you.

I'm not sure if it helps, but by making a double click into one of those fields the current account's name will be entered automatically. If the field already contains that name, it will be cleared. So, making two double clicks in a row will reset the fields ;)

Thanks for the bug report! It's fixed now ;)

Will see what I can do in 'Transfer Search' when I find time in the coming weeks. I'm still very busy with the Steem Engine implementation...

You Got a 100.0% Upvote From SteemBeem

Thank you for your continuous improvement of SteemWorld. I love your positive message in the end of you post. It’s so true.

Take care.

Thank you for all that you do @steemchiller! SteemWorld has helped me immensely in understanding things. Glad to see you adding some SteemEngine support so maybe I can get a better idea of what is going on with all the different tokens. :)

Thanks @steemchiller for all this great work.
I love magnifying glasses in mentions.
I will wait to see the compatible channels.

Thanks for your awesome work @steemchiller! Exciting that you will be adding support for the Steem-Engine based tokens/tribes... should make life a lot easier, and I'd prefer to avoid setting up multiple accounts to handle the load, so anything to help with managing voting and balances will be greatly appreciated!

Keep up the good work!


Danke dir! Thank you, great job as usual! Hope you won't forget your real life!!!!! Liebe Grüße Kadna

Up before 🌄 (here) @steemchiller, great to see this post. It had been a while so in checking recently, I had been wondering how you are doing.

"solo 2 ready."

Hmmm. Not sure what this means, but coming from you presumably it is a good thing!

"... I hereby want to make clear that I'm on a one-man-mission and I don't have time to work on any other things currently!"

Certainly clear and fully supported by this Steemian. All the best to you for a better tomorrow!

Tonight there will be more SBI coming to you. Now its going to be always dual support mode, vote and SBI. And I will try to make a pledge via dpoll soon. Might be able to bring a bit more.

Eager for that integration with Steem Engine support.

Done, more 4 SBI.

Thank you for the latest update.

Again, I praise you for all your hard work. Steem World is invaluable to me in following my chosen bloggers, my comments etc. - everything is in one place.

Ich möcht emich jetzt auch mal bei Dir bedanken, schliesslich nutze ich kaum eine andere steem basierte Seite mehr als #steemworld.
Super arbeit muss auch angemessen bezahlt werden, du hast dir den
verdient ;)

Appreciating you @steemchiller - and @steemworld. 100% upvote from me and the @ecotrain curation trail.

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.
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Danke für die Arbeit!

Freu mich schon auf die neuen Features :)

Thanks for you non stop improvement and service to all the big and small fish!

Hope you’ll become one of the top 10 whales soon!!

Good luck.

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Ganz herzlichen Dank für all deinen Einsatz! Ich habe deine Seite immer auf ;-) LGG

Thank you @steemchiller for your work. I love your program it is the best and comprehensive, you can see everything at first glance.

Totally looking forwards to what you come up with for the SCOT Tokens 👌

From your post I highlight the following words

¡Thank you for supporting my work!

To support your work is to have on hand this excellent real-time statistical tool.

Thank you ... and I hope you continue in this work that requires your time for exclusive dedication and has a collective purpose.

Great work, as usual :)

Future SCOT tokens support and local version are major milestones. Danke!


Thanks for starting supporting SCOTs (Steem Engine): as always, you rock, @steemchiller!

!giphy you+rock

I am new in Steem and I discover your Steemworld. What an awesome tool! I am really impressed with your great work about it. Thank you!

Looking forward to the responsive design SteemWorld @SteemChiller
Thank you 🙏 for the work that you do for all of us, in the #Steem community.
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Esta noche habrá más SBI que llegue a usted. Ahora va a ser siempre el modo de apoyo dual, votar y sol. Y trataré de hacer una promesa a través de Doplol pronto. Podría traer un poco más. Ansiosa por esa integración con el soporte de motor de Steem esta noche habrá más SBI que llegan a usted. Ahora va a ser siempre el modo de apoyo dual, votar y sol. Y trataría de hacer una promesa a través de DPOLL pronto. Podría ser un poco más. Experso para esa integración con el motor de activación Steem

Buy low, sell high ;)

thanks for all you do.

Congratulations! I just stopped by to say that your post has been selected as a daily Featured Post of my personal curation project! You can find the daily Featured Post HERE.
I upvoted your contribution and I put it on the list because to my mind your post is what I call a quality content!
I am @miti, a manual curator that shall make available all his Steem Power to authors deserving of support. Let's make STEEM great again!
Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

I really respect you, so let me buy you a !BEER

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @steemchiller, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Cuando el optimismo es impulsado por pensamientos positivos eso genera acción , lo que conlleva a ver logros. Evidencias gran optimismo -mente brillante-, crees en lo que haces, y, eso es importante, por supuesto que no debemos dejar a un lado a Dios quien es el proveedor de esa magnifica energía que mueve el universo.Felicitaciones, éxito,bendiciones steemchiller.

Danke für den Support!!

upvote und resteem

One of the first platforms I used back when I joined. I voted with what I could.


To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @steemchiller, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Thank you for all that you do!!!

Thanks for all you do!

coffeea Lucky you @steemchiller here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Token tools implementation is just fantastic!
Thanks :)

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