Splendid Case Study On STEEPSHOT: A Visual Lifestyle Treat On The STEEM Blockchain

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The most famous forms of content on the internet these days are Photographs and Short Videos! Thanks to the technical advancements occurred in the current century, now we are fully equipped with the gear to capture lively moments of our life into a single frame. You just need one smartphone with a decent camera to play around with your visionary skills.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Baby Boy!.png

Source:Steepshot Promo Banner and edited on canva.com

Today I will talk about @steepshot - one of the grooviest APP built on Steem Blockchain - Fully decentralized powered by IPFS Technology. If you are on Steemit, you must have seen some marvelous pictures with the tag #Steepshot. I will talk about some of the ways to get you started with the app. Then a few things about the great functionalities it offers, the best ways to get noticed on the platform and the future. Stay tuned and do not stop reading! :-)


What is #Steepshot?

App built on Steem Blockchain to host hiqh quality pictures. It rewards its users when they upvote, comment and contribute to the community via sharing their lifestyle with everyone though pictures.

They have also provided an explanation of their uber cool Brand Name - "Steepshot"

Source:Steepshot.io FAQ

First time I started researching about this app when I saw a photo from Meghan Naik (@mnaik) aka as @firepower. He has a great portfolio of pictures showcasing his way of living before and after Steemit. I also saw one of his interviews where he mentioned that he could was able to on-board many users through his active contributions to the APP. Watch The Interview Here

Who is it for?

Everyone! Yes, everyone on Steemit should use it one way or the other. You can share moments of your life in the form of pictures. Give the face to your username and open the visual door of your daily adventures.


Superheros Behind @steepshot!

The CEO Pavel Martynov (@pmartynov)

Source:Steepshot team: Interview With The CEO

As mentioned on their website - https://steepshot.io/faq, their team has changed several times. Apart from @pmartynov, we have @vitality, @anch, @korzunav, @nikitz, @kirill.volkov. A strong Dev Legion and community support. Everyone is from Minsk, Belarus. :-) Cheers guys! You have created diamond for us to mine. Haha!


Why I have Decided To Make This Case Study?

There are many reasons why I find @steepshot to be a breakthrough platform and on the same grounds I decided to prepare a case-study:

  • Share moments, Earn coins. This is the tagline of the app which perfectly sums it up.
  • Decentralized and censorship free photo sharing experience.
  • It is relatively new and gaining popularity everyday. They are still at the alpha version and already done a lot. There are many features in the pipeline, making in stronger and more powerful.
  • Earn them SBDs from the day one unlike Instagram where you need to build following first and then create your own system that helps you generate income.
  • It works as a successful medium for on-boarding new users to the Steem Blockchain.
  • User friendly interface and app functionality.
  • It is only available for Android and Web. Yet to launch an app for iOS on Apple App Store. While you think of it as a limitation, I find it as an opportunity. Build a following and set your base before the app reaches iPhones and iPads.
  • On Steemit you get to add only 5 tags while @steepshot allows you to add 20. Perfect way to reach more categories.

I think these are enough reasons to get you started with this amazing application.


Just Getting Started, Okay?

I will be honest with you, I used my wife's account (@sugandhaseth) initially as well as now to understand @steepshot and prepare this case-study in collaboration with her, so cool! I took her on-board to Steemit because of the potential I see in this life-changing platform and after a few days, I could convince her its value. She clicks great photos with her iPhone and thus, she totally moved her focus on @steepshot. No better way to showcase her talent, right? Since, then she has uploaded 28 pictures on it by herself. Getting great response from the community and from the @steepshot as well. Want to know how? Then go on..

You have three options to access @steepshot and make a post. I will cover each one of them in detail.


  • Start your journey with the WEB APP. Why? Because it is the "Big Screen"

  • Go to https://alpha.steepshot.io/ and click on "Sign In". You be redirected to the below window. Put your Steemit username and Private Posting Key. And click "Login with Steem" - Oh yes, that easy!


Source:Steepshot.io Sign In

  • Header of the web app is explained in the below picture:

Steepshot Header.png

Source:Steepshot.io Feed

  • The feed is infinite and you can down as much as you want to. Haha 😉

  • There are some community guidelines which you should read always before starting up on any websites(see below snapshot). If you follow these, then Steepshot will support your posts with votes. I will talk to you more on how to get noticed by the community members and @steepshot's account.



  • Settings Page has the below options, do as you please:



  • Once you scan through the web app, you can make your first post.

  • Currently iPhone App is not available in my country but it is available and I think it will be released sooner than we think(Check the last section of this post to know more about this). Till then all iOS or iPhone/iPad users can use WEB APP that works exceptionally well through Safari or Google Chrome or Any Other mobile/desktop browser. If you wish to join the testing of the iOS version then have a look at the @dtube VIDEO by @neopch providing his review and the information about how to get yourself onboard for testing.


  • Download the app in your android device through this LINK

  • Login via your Steemit Username(using @sugandhaseth for case-study) and Posting Key. This is similar to how we signed in through the web app. Check the GIF I prepared to show you the screens!

Source:Steepshot Android App

  • Making your first post through the Android APP.

Source:Steepshot Android App

  • You can edit, delete, share and copy the pictures link when you click ... button on your own pictures as shown below:


Source:Steepshot Android App

If you click the same button on anyone else's photo then you will get an option to FLAG as well.

  • When you click on your picture, you will be able to see the "Power of Like" which is same as your "Voting Power"


Source:Steepshot Android App

  • The button at the top looks like 4 squares besides "Settings" button will help you to switch between the Grid View and the List view of the pictures in your profile and feed.

Untitled design.png

Source:Steepshot Android App


Telegram is a famous instant messaging application which also allows its users to create and use bots. Now to my surprise, this is the fastest way to upload a picture on steepshot with title, tags and description. Bot also allows you to choose the voting percentage while upvoting anyone's picture. I will not cover this topic as it has been perfectly explained and reviewed in detail by @juanmiguelsalas in his recent post. READ HERE



The features provided by the app are very simple and easy to use and I am sure if you have used Instagram then you will find yourself very comfortable while using the app. But there are a few features of the app which deserve a separate section altogether.

20 Tags

This app allows you to add 20 tags versus 5 tags allowed on Steemit. This means that your post will be visible in more than 20 categories. This will help you to gain more eyeballs as your post will be visible in multiple categories. Definitely a plus point and a boost in your organic reach.

Source:Steepshot Android App

List of Likes

When you click on the "Likes" on your picture, you will be able to see the people with their upvote worth. That way you will be able to recognize the support from your followers and other Steemians.


Source:Steepshot Android App

Photo Slider

Personally this is my favorite feature. So smooth! See for yourself in a GIF prepared by @sugandhaseth

Source:Steepshot Android App

Add Multiple Accounts In One App

Do you manage multiple Steepshot Accounts? If the answer is yes, then this feature will save the day for you. I am going to make a separate account for myself with username @hungrypb and upload multiple pictures in upcoming weeks to showcase my photography skills.


Source:Steepshot Android App


5 Ways To Contribute To Steepshot And Get Noticed: More Rewards

  • Use #Steepshot's Tag: That's the best way to get noticed. @sugandhaseth told me that she mentions this tag in each and every post she makes. That is also one way to promote the tag. And believe me, the admins sitting behind the community account would curate your high quality photos and support you with their valuable upvote. Here's the proof - Check Photo ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE.
  • Follow community guidelines, that's a no-brainer. Haha!
  • Promote other people's photos on steepshot and support them with upvotes and comments.
  • Post your link of Steepshot photos on facebook and twitter with the tag #Steepshot. They will hunt you down with an upvote and probably with a Share on their page or resteem. Also the team is quite active on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Telegram.
  • Take part in photo challenges or contests. Maybe organize one. Not only they will give you upvotes, but you might win some SBDs or STEEM, who knows!


The Present And The Future


  • Power Delegation Program: This is for sponsors who believe in this project and they want to support it. @steepshot made a post few days ago on this explaining their vision, goals, how they will onboard sponsors, how you can earn profits by delegating your Steem Power to them. This is going to be those projects where I will invest personally once I will have enough Steem Power. READ ABOUT IT HERE
  • They are running a three stage curation system to support highly talented and underrated Steepshot users and to plagiarism and spam.


  • Login through SteemConnect as many users are comfortable using it and find it trustworthy.
  • iOS app is 95% completed and being prepared for the release. Once it is approved by the app store then all hell will break loose. I saw the below comment on their latest post about power delegation program. Generous whales like @thejohalfiles who are constantly helping the community members by their support and funding great projects with their Steem Power Delegation are also getting interested in this. Check the snapshot below -


Source:Power Delegation Program By Steepshot

  • Another feature which is going to be the cherry on the cake would be the addition of short videos and stories. That way, users will have more ways to present their talent and the journey of their daily hustle. I think this will be added very soon.

  • Other than this there are many features which are in the pipeline like Voting Power Management, Galleries or albums, Wallet, Sharing of posts etc. You can read about all that HERE

  • The team is working very hard to incorporate all the valuable features us and make the app more user friendly. I think this is going in the right direction and have huge potential in 2018 to grow much bigger than it is right now.


I hope you guys liked this case study as well. Please support me by upvoting and resteeming this post. Make your suggestions in the comments and provide your valuable feedback as well. I take each and every suggestion very seriously and try to incorporate them in my next posts. Cheers guys and Steepshot today ;-)

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Very interesting. I see a great amount of users for this app. Due to the fact that it is similar to what we have now such as IG. I see it as a mass adoption. The mainstream will be able to understand it easily.

You are absolutely right @jon24jn24. :-) This is the future for all the photo bloggers and lifestyle influencers.

Super careful review. Upvoted & resteemed.

Thank you so much Team @steepshot. Mega Cheers!

Thank you! Because of this post, I decided to sign up for Steepshot!

Awesome. This is great. My work is done here. Welcome to Steepshot @somethingrandom.

All thanks to your well-written post. Keep Steeming!

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Thanks a lot @trufflepig. Your concept looks very interesting and kind of humorous. And I support such intelligent bots. :-) I will be honest with you, your explanation is a little extra for me. It was remarkable of you to find me in lakhs of posts happen everyday. Cheers! Great job @smcaterpillar.

If you haven't shared this on social I'll do it now anyway :) This is an amazing guide :D I will also share this on my next Steeply and What's Up Steemit digests

Awesome. Thanks a lot @scottbusiness for the support. I will try to make more guides and case studies like these. Cheers! Hope to see more and more users getting onboard on Steemit.

Awesome, if you put out any educational material and tag me or use #WhatsUpSteemit I'll be sure to include it in the next digest each time

One of the reason why I back to steemit is because of I found @steepshot. My post on steemit mostly using steepshot. Actually I moved from Instagram to @steepshot

Thanks a great thing to do @ahmadnayan. Take a break or change the way you post but do not quit. STEEM will be on the top one day :-)

I Want to try this app. This is a very convenient app however it's not yet available in appstore. :(

Hey @appleskie. As mentioned in the post, you can use their WEB APP via https://alpha.steepshot.io/
For now, it is an alternative way to access Steepshot for iOS Users. Cheers!

Oh thanks for that @hungryhustle! I just logged on. Thank you once again. :)

Hey, @appleskie, if you want to use Steepshot on your iOS phone, you could send an email with the text "Please add me to Test Flight as iOS beta tester" to [email protected] and joined the other happy users!)

Thats what I call a deep case of study!! Thanks for the information @hungryhustle :)

You are most welcome @victhor. And thanks a lot for your comment. :-)

Great post, Im using steepshot for several days now and Im loving it :) tip!

Thanks a lot @cardboard. Such a great app! Can be used daily 2-3 times very easily. And I keep on looking at the feed whenever I get time and upvote the great content. :-)

Hi @hungryhustle! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @cardboard!

@cardboard wrote lately about: #Trending Feel free to follow @cardboard if you like it :)

I think it's the way to go, and I use it the most (more than Steemit and Dtube).

I think, just like facebook vs. instagram, right now images and streamlined content will ultimately reign in the population. I think that is how Tumblr is still alive even if it's a blogging platform - it's all about visual content, images. Putting that in is great.

I just hope Steepshot will show some markup so the crossposting to Steemit will be unifies, but put in a character limit or something, like 1024 characters or something. I also hope they put on a voting % meter!

Anyway, thanks for the huge breakdown, it's awesome.

It's still slow to load imaged.

I’ve included this in my Steeply digest for Steepshot related posts here: https://steemit.com/steepshot/@scottcbusiness/steeply-the-steepshot-digest-5
Also you can share Steepshot related content on Twitter and Facebook using #Steepshot and they’ll repost/like it :)

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wow so amazing post recently i found steepshot i loved it better than instagram haha

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