Possible Agora/Rickards Pump of Stellar Lumens $XLM

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Jim Rickards has been an outspoken critic of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but is a supporter of distributed ledger technology. He is going to be launching a new subscription newsletter recommending the cryptocurrencies that he thinks have enduring value on a conference call that begins today, January 20, 2018 at 1:00 pm Eastern time, or a little over an hour from the time of this post. It looks like one of the coins he's going to recommend is Stellar Lumens.

Tens of thousands of people may listen to this call. While XLM has a market cap of about $10 billion, there may a short term increase in the coin's value as a result of this pump.

Do your own due diligence.

Long XLM (small position)

Here is what his e-mail says about the coin:

Reminder: Today is the big day.
In just a few short hours, I will reveal a little known $0.70 cryptocurrency that could make you rich with just a small $100 investment.
This is not hype. If this tiny crypto moves as high as Bitcoin’s peak, it would be enough to turn a single $100 bill into $2.7 million.
Here’s why you do not want to miss this call…
• This little-known crypto has already jumped 2,500% in recent months, returning 11 times MORE money than Bitcoin. But it’s still dirt cheap, trading for just $0.70 cents.
• I’ll prove to you why this crypto is BETTER than Bitcoin… and show you that I’m not alone. Over a dozen international banks and a famous $151 Billion Corporation are backing this crypto. (I’ll reveal the details in the call)
• I’ll tell you about the imminent announcement that could send this crypto on a historic run of as much as 1,000% in 2018 alone… starting this coming Monday.
And did I mention this crypto is trading below $1?
That means you can get started with very little money… and have a shot at the same type of gains that made early bitcoin adopters millionaires.
What is this $0.70 coin?


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