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I like the Stellar network, or chain because the tokens in that network are not like the ETH chain. Stellar tokens tend to keep their value, they can be sold for a fair price in the decentralized exchanges. This reminds me of the good old days of Etherdelta. I used to get airdrops and were able to sell those airdrops for 30 USD worth on that decentralized Ethereum exchange. Some of them, like eBTC, were even worth 4 ETH at the time. Then the ICOs multiplied crazy, the number of them increased exponentially and many of them have started to be junk, collecting no money. Stellar decentralized exchange reminds me of the good old days. I can see if a token is worth anything right in my LOBSTR wallet because the exchange is built into that web page. It is the same with all other Stellar wallets. The Lobstr team is the largest wallet provider in the Stellar ecosystem, and they are working on the XDB Wallet. According to the Digital bits team, the transition thus far has been seamless and they reported no issues. Here is the link to their explanations on the subject:
The token has a lot of technical details because it is a new chain. If you are producing a Stellar token or an ETH token, then things are easier because your token is on a familiar chain that people use. In that case, you need to explain the features of the token only, why it is needed, and how it is going to be used. If you have your own chain, however, you have to have higher technical knowledge and experience. It seems that the developer team of Digital bits can handle all that because they have already done all the work. All left for us is to enjoy the fruits of their work.

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