3 Strong reasons why Stellar (XLM) is up by 85% in this month

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From June 30th last month Stellar (XLM ) price $0.18 has seen some incredible gains this month to $0.34 as recorded on the 26th of July 2018. You can see skyrocket jump to a price rise of around 85% through the month. As it stands, Stellar promises to continue to fly and might even break $0.650 through August, assuming this positive trend is able to continue.


There are three strong deriving factors that can further boost Stellar price to another high level. Here are the following factors:

1. Bitcoin (BTC) turned bullish

First and most important factor is BTC price gain which leads to alt coin gain. BTC has jumped up past $8,000.00 and is doing a great job of straightening the markets out, moving numerous tokens closer to a recovery from the past couple of months by the day.

2. Stellar partnership with TransferTo


Secondly, TransferTo has announced that it is partnering with Stellar.org to further enhance the way in which money is transferred across borders. Under this collaboration, financial institutions and partners of both Stellar.org and TransferTo will benefit from the combined network coverage, and be able to leverage new technologies to send and receive money more efficiently to more than 70 countries.

3. Huobi to list XLM/BTC and XLM/ETH trading pairs


Third and last factor is that Huobi announce XLM listing with BTC and ETH trading pairs. XLM went live on the Huobi exchange at 16:00 (GMT+8), since this Stellar is relishing in a very good run. If the markets continue to progress in this positive way and indeed, if Stellar continue to pave the way for good news and new partnerships, we can only expect the rise of XLM to continue through August. Roughly if BTC price is shoots upto $10,000 then XLM price can be expected to $1 and beyond.

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