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La espectroscopia es un mundo espectacular e interesante, y a la vez bastante extenso, ya he compartido artículos referente a ello, pero en inglés, es bueno saber que hay usuarios que se interesen por la caracterización de materiales, seria bueno que hablaras un poco mas del tema, es decir, puedes sacarle mucho más provecho, pues como dije es bastante extenso.

Saludos @anibalmdz


I don't know spanish, but I saw ionic-liquids XDD
Changing the counter ion will change fluorescent intensity?
Haha chemical structures are always an universal language XDDDD

Haha, yes an universal language.

Oh the big circle is a nanoparticles (so I guess quantum dots you are referring to?) hahahahaha
it make sense now XDDDD

Yes, in theory it is a similar or the same kind of nanoparticle but carbon dots are not toxic or less than the traditional quantum dots made of Se, Cd, etc. And that why this kind of nanomaterial is used for bioimaging.

Its definitely not heavy metal, but is that the toxicity of nanoparticles (in general) is still somehow not fully investigated?

Well that is a good question, but definitely the toxicity is because of the heavy metal.

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