STEMGEEKS - No DLIKE? Touche...!

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STEMGEEKS - No DLIKE? Touche...!

Lately, I have been trying to figure out why my posts haven't been appearing in despite using the #STEM tag appropriately.

It turns out according to the latest post found below that particular tags have been muted:

Of one of these was the muting of the 'dlike' tag. The others were 'share2steem', 'actifit', and 'steemhunt'.

I'm on the fence on the decision.

Honestly, I'm a bit torn at the selective muting of these tags, as it would seem that there is plenty of room to make posts relevant.

For example, one that surprisingly fit the 'actifit' tag but still seemed relevant to STEM was a recent post from @sumatranate found here:

Unfortunately, this post was filtered out and not able to be rewarded. Too bad given how out of the way the author actually went to make it work. By and large I do support the muting of the 'actifit' tag however given the degree of difficulty in making it relevant.

Yet likewise, it would not be difficult to imagine the thousands of on-topic, STEM-related posts that could be generated using the 'dlike' tag. If this platform is truly out to curate high quality content relative to the STEM topic, it will be at times difficult to necessarily find it via an audience fixated solely on gaining rewards and who was dumb enough to jump into crypto head-on. More often than not, the truly brighter content may lie in already published materials that others could elaborate on far more insightfully than our crowd.

Alas, it is what it is.

That said, this is the direction that @themarkymark would like to take this platform, and kudos for him for taking action in drawing the line where he sees it fit.

Whereas I might be more concerned that this platform may not reach a suitable volume of high-quality content without time-saving reference capabilities such as the 'dlike' platform, I do respect his attempt to safeguard the community from perceived thoughtless filtration.

We'll see what kind of momentum STEMGEEKS is capable of sustaining, but for now I am a strong investing supporter of its potential, and feel somewhat emboldened to have a concerned leader such as @themarkymark at the helm.


I was on the fence about it until today. Here's why. There are some people curating #stem just to get 50/50 curation rewards. When those tags were not muted, it was far too tempting for bad curators to just rake it in.

Yes, I have also seen perfectly acceptable submissions with actifit tags. I have enjoyed using dlike in the past. But the risk of stakeholders who mindlessly curate the other 99% just isn't worth it.

Personally, I think this proves how bad 50/50 actually is, if front-ends don't manage things closely. I'm willing to stick to it and keep the tag-mutes because it balances out the time it takes to find the 1% of good content on those tags.

I'm with Inertia on that one.

I also support the tag mute just because the ratio of mediocre content is too high. Just ask @logic about it.

Even without @dlike, you can still talk about an article you read, etc. You will open up two tags (not that it matters) for other stuff.

@citizendog, In my opinion every Community has it's own essence and content related to that community should represent the true niche. So, if we think in regards to Community then muting sounds effective. Stay blessed.

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