The Depopulation Plan That You Don't Know About

in #stemmitlast year (edited)

It is no secret that there is a plan for a One World Government, and it is moving at full steam. They are very blatant about it, they talk about it openly, they do it in front of your eyes, you see it on the news, you read it in the paper, they teach it in schools and colleges around the world, but you don't know it.

This is a group that is made up of very wealthy families, banking empires, and wealthy individuals who ultimately rule the world behind closed doors at secret meetings. They do believe that they come from ancient Egyptian, Biblical families or lineage. They believe they have the right to dictate how the rest of the world lives and conducts business. They rule over every facet of your life and once again you don't know it.

They always tell you before they do anything, they do warn you but not in the ways that you think. Sometimes it's in the movies and shows we watch or on the news, sometimes they are blatant.

As we watch the news of the impending pandemic that appears much worse than reported by the Chinese government and the news from China is heavily oppressed and censored. Thanks to reposts before the government can censor the information it makes it out of China on the internet, and the information is not good. The information is anything from Coronavirus is a is a man-made disease, leaked to the people from the Chinese government, to the numbers of infected are much higher than reported by mainstream media. As I write this I do know one fact, The Chinese government has been appointed by the United Nations as the nation in charge of Social Engineering of the world, and this is a fact. The Social Credit System is being prepared not only for China but for you.

The depopulation plan has been in effect for a long time in many different forms, abortion, eugenics, vaccines, war, and disease. The first example I can give you is the serialization of most of Africa's women, The second is the one-child law in China. The third is the legalization of abortion and birth control.

Lately, the New World Order has been using the idea of disease to further the cause, you've been warned but maybe you weren't paying attention when you were watching " The Walking Dead" or movies like " Pandemic" maybe you were not paying attention when the Zika virus broke out in South America in the very same town as a laboratory owned by one of the world biggest philanthropists, Bill Gates.

I know your thinking conspiracy or maybe I'm a little off my rocker, but these things are becoming more and more obvious in the world we live in and people are starting to notice. I've noticed that history repeats itself and altho we travel into the future and things change around us, we as a human species forget the past. If you think your government will protect you, I'm sorry you are sadly wrong. Over 120 million people were killed by there own governments in the 20th century and just because we are in the 21st century do you think this will change?

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