Censored post by Bernie Sanders and Randowhale relisted

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This post about a pair of swim shorts was attacked by Bernie Sanders aka Randowhale and his 20 plus bots, downvoting it until it was wiped into invisibility and vanished as censored - so learning from BS's behaviour where he multiple posts on Haejins comments - I'm reposting this. Only difference I'm not hiding behind fake accounts and using racist insulting childish memes.
Oh, as I'm sure you can guess - this is a highly dangerous article so please be warned before reading.

The art of debranding.

I've always tried to avoid clothing adorned in logos - and when not possible I've cut off labels and unpicked embroidery.

Never been a fan of carrying around some brands sponsership for free.

I spotted a pair of new surf shorts with a huge logo as part of the fabric design - I liked the shorts so much I bought them.

I thought there was no escape as far as the free advertising goes...

I was facing beach life as walking advertising bill board.


Until I was struck by a little idea.


The result with a little help from my local embroiderer.


The result?

I can wear them happily now.



Very good your post @tarquinmaine

I am a newcomer, I need support from you. I am from aceh Indonesia.Thank you

Never mind! I still love them!!!

"Ben is an alien with extra ability
Pushed time to next century
Somewhere his craft lost control
Guess where he stopped for petrol"