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RE: Do you think we would ever use a circular runway?

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If you continue this way, I may actually begin to get a hang of this aerodynamics thing and why it is more difficult for planes to take off in less dense air. If I'm right, the reason is literally because the air has less "weight" to help and carry the plane as it attempts to rise from the runway, therefore more runway distance is required to enable the plane to gain enough momentum to lift off, right?

Well, as for the circular runways, I suppose if the calculations say it is feasible, one of these days, we might find other reasons why we would need to explore that option. Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention.

This is pretty cool.


Yes you are right on the weight assumption. I think we may really find other ways to handle the space issue of runways. Thank you for the kind compliments.

Thank you for confirming my speculation. You come up with some pretty interesting topics.

Hahaha. Thank you. I only try to see some pretty interesting things of science.