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RE: Would Human (Homo Sapiens) Go Into Extinction Episode 3: The Aliens We Created Might Become Our Enemies

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Nice one.

Even with all the advances we have been witnessing in the field of AI, we are still in infancy - which means; more insane advancements are still coming.

Imagine when the technology of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) evolves into Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), humans could be on their way to becoming obsolete. How do we even hope to control something that would be many times smarter than us? Maybe the only feasible panacea would be for us to merge with them.

I read recently about an attempt to incorporate common sense into AI. When all these features that have been the absolute prerogative of humans begin to be incorporated in machines, we could lose our supremacy as the superior being.
Just like the prediction of Elon Musk;

The third world war would be triggered by the battle for AI superiority. - Elon Musk

But the truth is; we are already at war. We should just brace up for impact.

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Field of robotics is so much advancing that a proactive precaution/major should be taking impromptu . Some bad guys might start producing robot that would be a terroris t.

Incorporating prerogative feature of man in a robot might have more harms than good_ if this should happen, a time would definitely come when we become object to robot