The Steadfast Crystal Tin Soldier

This piece of Steven x Connie fan art, which is my first submission for Detective88's Shipping Contest, is dedicated to SugarBubbles2000, crystaltoys, forever-a-fangirl-14, ChadRocco, kuku88, sweetxdeidara, nekoDawnlight, M-Skirvin, mattwilson83, Juney-chan, DonCon206andHedgie, Yuki-Koyuki, MoonNue, sakimichan, SMeadows, kalukukiyam, jonathanserrot, R-Legend, TheMightyGorga, Rosanaliese, shaharaj, cherrycreamfairy1997, Ami-Magane, cristinaxtiger, ColorfulWonders, fredmai, Sally6723, IrenHorrors, shycatgirl, Villanalirreal, TXToonGuy1037, IcyDaydream, 10Bendog, Blossutchforeva, Brashgirl901foreva, cenapi, LostDollHouse, Haddock-House, WildWolfHipster, snitchpogi12, AyosDesignz, Death-Driver-5000, Advanced-Dorkness, IamFuyori, BrYttBRatt, ConorTheSimpsonsFan, Rannyunny, BrickRRB0, neewari, Grace-Zed, WinterNights30, Yaqirob, maisytheangel, PayLe, Vilabela, Toongirl18, talking2mazelf, GideonBernstein, DarkJewel21, xSugarInferno, confettiipop, woolbean, ArtzyJamie, SkyLunaAngel, JKSketchy, Kareena08, pen-inkblot, and RowdyruffPowerpuff45 who celebrated their birthdays ranging from last month to barely three weeks ago. So, I hope you all had such wonderful birthdays and I wish you a lot of love, prosperity, joy, fidelity, beauty, perseverance, strength, and ambition in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to everybody who loves Steven and Connie as a couple. Sit back, relax, and soak in Steven's and Connie's rather adorable brand of fairy-tale romance based on one of my most favorite Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales of all time, "The Steadfast Tin Soldier".

My dear friends, fellow fairy tale fans, and aficionados of the Steven Universe lore, I present you 20 going on 21-year-old Steven Universe as titular steadfast tin soldier and his darling wife, 20-year-old Connie Maheswaran-Universe, as the ballerina doll accompanied by some stuffed animals for good measure. As a child growing up with Andersen's "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", I remembered loving this story to bits next to "The Little Mermaid", "The Wild Swans", and "The Emperor's New Clothes" among his other tales from his oeuvre. I thoroughly enjoyed the tin soldier's and the ballerina doll's unconditional yet ill-fated romance. Ill-fated because they met a tragic demise after the tin soldier's odyssey to the sewers then to being devoured by a fish and finally being thrown to the fireplace alongside his one true love. By the way, you might also realize that I did attempt to keep up with how the fairy tale described the titular tin soldier with having only one leg to stand on. I could easily imagine this to be tough work for Steven.

Steven and Connie do embody the tin soldier and the ballerina doll quite well in my eyes because of how he embodies as sense of loyalty and, of course, steadfastness to his friends and family for better or for worse and how she has all the grace, loveliness, and agility of a dancer while staying just as steadfast to the people she cares about. Therefore, Steven as The Tin Soldier and Connie as The Ballerina Doll are a perfect match complete with charm and adorability.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission. Take care and stay safe, everybody.

Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe belong to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.
The Steadfast Tin Crystal Soldier.jpg