Studies have shown that people who spend a lot of time in a temperature-controlled environment are more likely to suffer from headaches and depression.

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The amount of damage to the body due to exposure to AC remains out of the question. As long as you stay in the office, it’s not a short time. While staying at AC all the time in the office, the fan doesn’t want to feel the air when you return home. So now there is a need for air conditioner in almost every home. But should we be aware of the dangers of overconfidence in these air policies? According to medical scientists, the skin loses its moisture when exposed to cold air for a long time. If a person does not take steps to soften the skin, he or she may have a variety of dry skin problems.

If you spend a lot of time during the day in a cool room, the risk of developing various respiratory problems increases. Air conditioners can increase the risk of various respiratory infections. An airy house can increase your risk of a cold, flu.

Weather conditions can increase eye problems. People who use eye lenses may also have a problem. The weather increases the incidence of several diseases. Such as high blood pressure, arthritis, various types of emotional problems, etc. In addition, many allergies can be serious.


Keep your room temperature between 21-25 degrees. Make sure the room temperature is not below 20 degrees Celsius. Occasionally wash your face and hands with water. Use sheets if necessary. Otherwise, your external heat absorption capacity may decrease over time. Then going somewhere will be dangerous.