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Hey old friend! Ben a while and I hope you are well!

When I checked to see if you have a home here and/or Hive, I noticed you have a hater over there. Butterfly and Innerhive giving you grief?

Unfortunate as you were always a shining star of engagement and content as far back as I can remember.

Anything I can do to help?

Hey Zeke,

I post once a week or so, to see if it is still being downvoted. Here I post a bit more often, just because there isn't any flack.

I don't think there is anything anyone can or should do.. I'm not interested in fighting for rewards.

It is what it is...

Great to see you and glad you are well.

Life is good.

I have tried to post using STEEMit but hasnt worked in the longest while. I can engage though and @actifit seems to work and @tasteem is gone.

So confuse! ;)

It's difficult to catch big storms photos to me since the ocean because scared feelings come our inside from me. I love to take bright sunlight images. But you have took beautiful shots indeed.