Our Two Little Artists

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For months they have spent more time at home, studying independently at home with limited online guidance from their teachers because schools are still closed.

Of course, this makes them bored. Their desire to go to the beach, or to local tourist attractions, had to be postponed because we, as parents, did not want to take risks during the pandemic that had not yet ended.

I often observe the behavior of my two little boys. I know they are very tired of the unexpected situation like this.

We allow them to watch animated movies via youtube channel two or three hours a day. After finishing watching, sometimes they behave by imitating the speaking style and appearance of the characters they have just seen in the movies.

They may have a glimpse of frustration on their faces, but they try to comfort each other. But one positive thing, in my opinion, this time of the pandemic has brought out the talent of an artist in them. Yup, here are two of our little artists.







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