The Interview - Arrival

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As I arrive at the crimson planet, there was already a few group of "primitives" engaging in violent acts toward one another. Such behavior was also observed on the once blue planet- which unfortunately met its own destruction. Hopefully, experiment P241M may produce a different data sheet for Project F.


It was only 5 arcs since I left this planet and their (primitive) numbers have already multiplied substantially. The last encounter was rather short-lived because I was required at the federation on a distress call. Fortunately for me, I handed in my report and took a short vacation before being summoned to resume this mission- on a different directive.

The place was very much different from what I last remembered it to be. Fallen structures and ruins everywhere. As I descend lower, though most of the primitives were on their knees and face on the ground, some would show certain aggression and fought among themselves to approach me. Some even broke down in the process. I had no other choice but to temporarily override their nervous system to disable their movements. This slave-master design always come in handy in tight situations. 

Ever since the event on planet X, only did the federation finally approve this design protocol. The federation has completely lost control over the subjects on planet X and have been struggling to eliminate the threat ever since. My only worry is that they may have already compromised P241M seeing how these primitives behave.

Despite my peers' constant warning, I went ahead and used the Light Traveler in front of these primitives. This tech allows me to travel at the speed of light within a small radius. Although quite taxing on the mind, it proves to be a more popular choice of short distance traveling among lower rank Templars. As soon as I appear right in front of one of the kneeling primitives, everyone froze with their mouth wide agape. 

After a brief moment, chaos resumed. The primitives were chanting in different languages in unison while liquid can be seen flowing from their eyes. According to article 66f of the P241M handbook, this may be signs of happiness. Before the situation gets any more chaotic, I disabled their vocal function and summoned the leaders from every group for some data extraction. 

Since they still relied on primitive methods for communication, the only way to communicate with them is using the Wave Zero- the universal language of the cosmos. Without effort, I connected my mind with all that are present at the scene. At first, the primitives look puzzled when I broadcast the wave. They would look at each other in confusion before calming down. I quickly identified the leaders and disconnect the wave from the rest.

Me: "Let us go somewhere else. This is not a suitable place for a proper interview. Since you are all chosen by your people, you may ask me any questions while I download your data." 

With that, I transport all leaders back to my ship and ascend into the sky. The primitives below went amok but those are no longer the concern as this planet has already reached the tipping point. I will let the federation decide their fate after submitting this report.

The primitives looked at each other then paused for a moment. One of them pointed to his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

I then broadcast Wave Zero: "This is how we will be communicating, Telepathically, If that's what you call it. You don't need to wait for your turn. You can all communicate with me all at once"

Initial scanning indicates that at least 3 out of the 31 have traces of genes from Planet X. This is going to be interesting. If they are as dangerous as reported by the federation, I will need to deal with them swiftly before they act.

"Young templar, so you have finally returned to eradicate us all...?" A voice suddenly stood out among the crowd. 

-End of part 1 of 3-

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Wahhhh...nice storyline...I have more stories from my weird dreams but may take me some time to get the right words to put it down in writing...

Best to keep a small journal so that you can jot down the ideas for later use :)

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interesting and good story ..
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