The story of an unfinished mother

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The stomach swollen abnormally.
Slowly another inside the body
The body is growing. This is the case with Suzanne
Feel but can enjoy
No She does not travel around the year of marriage
Has been pregnant. Actually her husband
The way the kids are crazy for
Had become, and admonished him
Could not do But the storm is no more
Do not go over the boys. So
They are so eager to take the baby.

If only for two days, it is only for two days
Replacement in the baby belly
By explaining the taste of her pregnancy
Had it been given, then maybe he never again
Dinner in bed at night
Do not show courage Bed-ridden husband
The wife enjoys both, but its
The punishment is only on the foreheads of wives
Jute Ten months and ten days a huge one
It is a burden to carry. And the husband
Then one by one good advice
Keep going. This will not work, that's it
Will not work, leave the bed
No, take a little more, but, like ,,,,,,,,,,
Nakamo Next to the window on the plane
These are all in the hilted area
Suzy was thinking about nonsense. Suddenly her
The unborn child is inside the D-box
To take a penalty shot from Eager
How the viewers called "goowol"
Suddenly screams out as well, and so on
The leader of the plane's continuous journey
A lot of nausea came out.
Sange's gentle screams and immediately
Be alert. Then excited
He said in vain: "What?"
The matter is the Majesty. There is no problem
What? "Suzie thinks that this is the beginning
Has been nasty Now I do not know more
How much would you advise? Hurry okay
By trying to disarm, understand
Sanjay Sanjay: "Hey! Nothing else.
The child has given a mischief
What? "But still he would have to touch his belly
Once you have checked it. Say so
Can not go When does the problem occur?
Then pressing his seat button a little more
Hugged behind, saying: "This is
Come on, relax. "
Journey to him in this situation
Neither should. Get married
They got the family in Poland
Two Everything is safe here
Was running But suddenly Bangladesh
From the phone goes, her grandmother's old lady
Not there. The news started listening to the news.
Seeing the old woman in Bangladesh
They were preparing to go. That's
Seeing Sanjo Go He too
With her About family
They are two cousins ​​due to grace
Nanaji is about to know about Sanjay's grandmother
Is. The pain caused by the death of grandmother
Something might have fallen in Poland
No In their childhood, they are sitting together
Some interesting stories of the old woman tell me.
From today on, the story of the story forever
Broke up The eyes are wet in mind
Theirs Finally, in the seduction of Suzuki
The mean rate of the mean. With her
The journey is about to start. Long Journey
The capital of Poland from Baltis
Warsaw, then from Warsaw
Heathrow airport in London.
From there directly to Sylhet
Osmani Airport Homeland
The route is a little friend. But the pulse
They have to pull them back. 10th night
Plane at Osmani Airport
Landed. Other passengers
Together and Sanjo are also one with one
Come out Homestead
They fill their minds. Ah!
Bangladesh, My Bangladesh
Good luck with luck
Without their baggage, two conveyers
Came out of the belt. Everyone's luck
It is not so well-received. Crooked Customs
Officials are not a knife
Illegal money demand to hold luggage
Do it.

This is possible only in Bangladesh.
Five times in corruption world
The champion says Airport
From the taxi to the taxi. Destination
Goalabazar Brahmagram .. Her
Many times, and Sangh's Dada Bari.
Driving on the street
How to ride a driver
Due to the annoyance of Sanjay,
Gone He is like a cup, on the brink
On the banks of the priceless drinks.
Shake the car a little loud
Taste and eat. Has been pregnant
Need to take care so much?
It's a bit too much to think about
Is he Good way to reach home
Relaxation of cheap breathing
It's a Third World War for him
It seems like winning. 7 months pregnant
There are so many ways to safeguard your wife
It's a big deal to travel.
Yet once it is sure to be sure
Sangeeta goes to Ultra Sound
Decided to bring a test.
Any risks to an unborn child
And do not agree to take Sangeer around
There are no interruptions. And sometimes grandmother
The Quran is sitting beside the body, again
Occasionally, or hugging crap
Crying. Cry does not look good
The ruler She is crying women
The crowd avoided a little. So say that
It's not the one that hurt. Only
Everyone wants to scratch the tears in front of everyone
No But today he will cry! Everyone at night
Asleep, lying on the bed faces
Hiding behind the cover with a cover.
The next morning, the funeral prayer was buried
Given the old lady. The funeral is about to end
Chhagan Sangke with Sylhet Town
Went to the test and brought the test. Everything
Normal. He was tensioning.
But the rift in the way back
Binded Sylhet cables in Peru
The noise in the car engine appeared.
The car stopped after a while
Gone! Very likely fuel pipe is something
One is stuck. Oil fuel tank
Not coming to the Ignition Chamber.
To clear the entire fuel tank
Will be Suddenly this unexpected journey
Obviously he was very upset at the break. This is so
In this way, steeped in the streets to be perfect
Seeing his mood got worse.
Kicked up and down the driver,
Obliterate: "What Mia? Out of the Street?
Do not check the car before you can?
And this is what the car has taken that midway
Suddenly there is a wheelbarrow? "
The driver said,
"I can not say what the yoke is
Sahib. "Towards the old driver
I stopped looking down and stopped
Excuse Instead of saying softly,
"Well, okay, we have another one
Find the car.
We are your
So long until the car is right
I can not wait for a while. "
In the car inside the car, to Suzanne
Comes back. Face smiling smile
The anxious girl is as calm as possible as possible
Tries to do Attitude: "Forgiveness
I'm asking for Majesty, actually ours
There was a problem in the car. Right
It will take a long time. So
The driver has given another one
Give the car out. Once you get the car
We'll start the journey again. "
Angered by the frustration he heard, Suzanne was frustrated.
Remember This reconditioned in Bangladesh
Second hand, third hand, car
They could not be trapped in the trap. Oops!
Sangzee only bothers the throat
He said in full swing, "Oh, hone
False is bad. "The car is inside the car
They fell down and did not fall right.

Then only wait for the wait! When
Another new car will come. Suddenly
A nishan jeep from the side of the street
It started coming. Driver hand lifting
Poked to stop Img
Hooping his hand towards the jeep
Got it Obvious: "Hey brother, stop, stop.
Want a lift. Urgent. "Jipta
The driver came across the driver
Gatch up and break the brakes.


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