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RE: My New Crypto Strategy Which Makes Money $$$

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Yes! I agree. It's called investing in the "small market cap" crypto-coins. I've only ever bought & sold Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Steem. I have dabbled a little bit in mining Doge and GridCoin. Doge is incredibly cheap - it recently went from 0.002 cents to 0.009 cents. Small beans - but still a 350% profit in about one month at the end of this last year. Just think if it goes to 10 cents! This is where you start making the insane whale-profits upwards of 20,000% - and, then you're talking! Cryptos are still just on the beginning of the uptake by the main-stream. I saw a market analysis predicting a $10 Trillion market cap for the cryptosphere - which is very reasonable, on a global scale. I wouldn't be too surprised to see cryptos, in general, continue to multiply profits at about 1,000%, on average. However, THIS year could be much better: the mainstream is starting to adopt cryptos en masse. We could see more like a 5,000% average rise.
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