A Simple Gesture

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My old neighbor Lloyd is a stand up guy. We lived across the street from each other for over a decade and became close through the years. He’s a retired geologist (I believe) but can’t sit still to enjoy that retirement as he’s always doing something to keep busy. One of his passions that I think is a noble deed is sending out care packages to the troops stationed overseas.

He will contact folks at big corporations like Johnson & Johnson or Frito-Lay. In return for a bit of pestering, he will receive pallets of useful products. Thinks like beef jerky, chips, deodorant, toothpaste, and all other sorts of random goods.

He comes to visit me at the shop every Tuesday to pick up boxes from my weekly shipments, to utilize to send on the long journey overseas to all the brave men and women fighting the good fight. We sometimes give him some care packages of comics to send over as well and gave even received some thank you letters from soldiers which is simply awesome and humbling.

Now and then when he has too much product, he will toss me some goods as well. I haven’t bought toothpaste for years now. No asshole! Not because I’m a slob who doesn’t brush their chompers. I probably scrub those fuckers too much in all honesty. It’s because he receives pallets of brand new toothpaste and always brings me a few boxes whenever he gets new stuff in. Nice gesture.

Point is, we help each other out when needed as friends often do. But yesterday, Lloyd went above and beyond hitting me in a personal way. When he walked into the shop midday, he handed me a flash drive and told me that he’d been wanting to give this to me for a bit. So I popped it into the slot on my laptop and a virus was loade...no I’m kidding.

The files contained inside the drive were photos he had taken throughout the years of me and my pups. Some included my ex wife as well. These dated back to around 2009 through 2013. Most of them were when we were taking the pups for walks through the neighborhood and just chatting along the way. I thought nothing of this at the time but I’m glad he captured these moments.

We had a conversation a few months back and in it I mentioned how I’m trying to get some photos of the pups from my ex. I had found some personal family photos of my ex wife’s and I kept em for when my hatred subsided. Although I don’t wish her a magical life filled with joy, I no longer carry that hatred and darkness that consumed me for quite some time. So I’m in the process of going through her lawyer to hopefully set up a swap of photos....her family photos for pup pics. I hope she keeps her end of the bargain.

Either way, he must have remembered that conversation and thought to himself that he had some photos to share. He told me as much yesterday. He said he remembered how important my pups were to me and thought he’d surprise me with some photos that he had. A simple gesture that goes a long way and meant the world to me.

I’ll share the photos here once I upload em to my computer at home.

Thank you Lloyd.



Damn, now THAT is a good neighbor! I hope you'll share some of the pics from that flash drive up here so we can enjoy them too! :)

I will be getting em up shortly!

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Fuck Lloyd and his virus-drive! Oh, just realised you were joking about that. Lol.

Actually, hail Lloyd and his neighbourly ways. He seems like a legit dude and one who understands the benefits of giving without expectation. I think anyone who knows you, even just a little will understand how grateful you will be (and are) for having those photos.

Go Lloyd you good thing!


Yeah he’s kick ass...he even dropped off like 30 bags of Cheetos yesterday. Lol

This gesture meant the world to me...even if it was creepy that Lloyd was snapping pics of me walking my dogs. Lol

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The Cheetos balance out the creepy photos! Cheetos right a lot of wrongs. 😊

That's a awesome neighbor

He’s the bomb. Mother fucker is always outside though. Lol

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