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RE: Part Two: Why My Home Town's Residents Love Bagpipes And Parades

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This is an amazing story and tradition! I really enjoyed the part with the good samaritan, thats incredible! It's funny how traumatized Knarly327 is to bagpipes lmao! Probably not funny to him though, I'm thinking. His username makes me think of a car engine. Could I be right?


Exactly right. It was a 327. He custom built a camaro...he used parts from 7 different years. Then, he built me a custom Scamp. That's back when we could afford gas...lmao. Now, I drive a smart car and he drives a VW TDI Golf
totally about fuel economy. Life changes.

I knew it! I would love to see some pictures of it, possibly? Well, let me take a stab at the year.... 1969 for the Camaro and 1971 for the Scamp?

Here you go...HAHAHA! Oh the good old days

AWESOME! Well, I was way off on the Camaro but the Scamp looks close if not a 71? BOTH are great! Thanks for the pic!

The Camaro was a 79...but it was totally a custom build. Parts from 7 different years. The Scamp was a 72 and I originally paid $100 for it. Front fenders were replaced and 1 of the quarter panels. It had a 318 in it and handled like a BIG boat. If I turned the steering wheel too quickly, I'd be on the other side of the driving a riding lawnmower at 80 mph. Seriously, you could fit several bodies in the trunk. (Joking) LOL!

He got a lot of tickets for excessive speeding in that car...
He built it in 88-89, then my Scamp in 91, which was a barn-find and complete restoration. It was the same year that we were married and it was a gift to me from him.
I'm 5 feet tall and could barely see over the dash. That car was amazing.
We sold them both a few years later and sensibly moved on. Hahaha!