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RE: DWELLING The Novel - Chapter THIRTY-THREE: Distant Relations

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Hi Dougkarr, nice to meet you =) I came across your story and I have to admit, I just stumbled upon your page so this chapter and a little bit of chapter 1 is all I've read so far.

I'll give you a full review of the chapter =P I'm a newbie and need SP lol

So first of all, great use of words and context, the dialogue between the landlord (Axelrod) and the tenant Dorian really adds substance to the characters. As we've found out that Dorian is usually brave but is at a lost when speaking to his powerful landlord; Axelrod and that Axelrod has a lighter side to him at the end when he eased up when he was talking to Dorian and not his usual stuck up self.

As to the first part, to be honest, without reading the other chapters, it is hard to get what's going on but it seems like Axelrod is going about his landlording ways where he's surveying his property and talking to his tenants?

Anyways, great chapter, it really adds to the character development of Axelrod, Dorian and the first few characters (Stella, Chisulo) etc