How to buy your DREAM car, after destroying your old dream car

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Background Story

I did something very dumb 5 months ago. I reduced my 45k car to shreds. It was a happy mistake, as I tried to explain it to my shocked friends and family. Anyway, we had no more car. So after calling the insurance and making sure we got paid out (even tho we lost 2-3k overall), we started looking for a replacement car.

After almost buying 10 different cars, we ended up deciding to focus our effort on getting a Mercedes E coupe 220d for a "reasonable" price (around 47k). Plan B was to buy a random shit car if the E coupe ended up being too expensive. Plan B scared the living shit out of me, so I started using my tiny brains in order to get the E coupe.

My happy mistakeRest in pieces

The E coupe starts at 52.8K, witch is already way above our budget, and with only 4 necessary options the price got bumped up to 58k. We looked at each other in the dealership and realized this was impossible to buy, unless we got some crazy reduction on the price.


Don't mind the Google search in the left corner..

How To Negociate Like A Boss

The first Mercedes dealership gave us 12% reduction, which is around 6k and told us it was impossible to get more than 15% anywhere else because the car is very '"exclusive". So the car was reduced to 52k at that point, which was still out of budget.

We switched strategy. We called another dealership and told them that the first dealership gave us 18% reduction on the phone, (which was not true at all). They invited us over, 'to see what they could do'. We went to them and they offered us 15%, which was pretty good, but still out of our budget. We asked them to match the fictional 18% offer that the other dealership gave us. They told us that they needed proof of that offer, which we had not, but we kept claiming that the offer was given to us on the phone, so they could not verify it.


We kept pushing and he gave us 16%! But, my dad was still not happy and went outside. At that moment, for the first time in years, I actually managed to activate my scarce brain cells. I had like a mini "Limitless moment" when I realised that plan B was soon going to hit me like a truck.

I made a deal with the salesman behind my dad's back. The deal was that I would convince my dad to sign right now, if he gave us a record breaking 17% reduction on that E coupe. After the salesman went to the manager twice, he actually gave us the 17%. I convinced my dad to sign, on the spot, by paying 5k out of my own pocket, in front of the salesman. The salesman laughed because he thought I was a boss, but shortly after that he started crying because he realised that he actually almost made nothing on thit deal.


We ended up with a stunning 48.9k car instead of 58k! If you look up the price of the cheapest USED one it is over 50k in Europe!



ExteriorEnjoying the car with friends

I searched on the internet for a used one, they started at 49.9k! 1.000 more than my brand new one


Keep in mind, this one is ordered fresh from the factory in Germany, it is not a stock model, which you can reduce by almost 20 + % in some cases!

Hope the mentioned startegies were usefull xxx


Jees, you bought the car of my dream.
How old are you? 22?

Jep :)

that's impressive buddy;) But I still have 3 years to get where you are now ;)

I wish you the best of luck my friend ;)

Haha top job mate sounds like something i woul do.

I learn from the best, dad

wow this is pretty awesome... smooth ride

so what happened to the old car ? Damage does not "look" that bad.

It was 17k bad :p we sold it as it is, insurance covered the rest

Awesome car! I own a Mercedes C200 right now.

I hope a car like yours will be my next step.

I know I am already spoiled by driving a Benz.

Ray #lifeisforliving

Good luck my friend

Nice car for nice price)

Sick car man! Way to stick it to the dealer too lol.

I watch you, it fascinates me how passionate you are to do your job. dear @danny1995 Wow!!! I wish that many, like you, find their abilities and do what they enjoy doing, then they do not need to copy nobody, right?

Thanks my friends hope you get your dream job aswell ;)

yes of curse, thank you !!!

How much is the insurance on such a pretty dream car?20180605_185703.jpg

1500 euro a year :(

Do you have the option of tailoring your insurance coverage since you were able to buy your vehicle out right?
I'm currently getting raped for a car that is worth less in value than the actual insurance costs for the year ($2460).
I only paid $700 cash for the

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I did not buy my vehicle out, I got paid a contractual fixed price (1% decrease in value/month, in my case 36% decrease of MSRP). Go maybe get a new insurance? :p

The human dreams keep changing it does not remain constant

you chose the wrong one, here's the macho boss machineimg026.jpg

I already own this one :p

work hard, save money, invest to increase :)

As usual, a comment that has nothing to do with the blog

hahaha as usual haha

Hi mate! Just i search a little yes in Hungary the brand new model 2018 is 52k euros but second hand in very good condition u can get it for 17k-18k 😉 i didnt check it in UK there are cheaper but of course they are different a lil bit😂

Search for 2018 models ;)

Yes that is what i was looking for. Are u in US? Because the mercedes and bmw are lil bit different for the US market. And also if somebody wanna buy a second hand car there are options to buy very cheap just u have to search on the right place. By the way u make a good deal. My comment is just for second hand cars. Actualy i didnt check it on german sites i think there u can buy it for the best price. Before we make a business that buying second hand german cars than sell it in eastern europe.

Could you screenshot plz? I am interested in checking it out, btw im from Belgium, and I really find it hard to believe, I think you are checking the previous model out, the new one might not have dropped yet in the US ;)

Just i check the i searched for 2018 model
There is also a brand new as i see for 40k


aaah, you didnt search for the coupé models! those are sedans, coupes are much more expensive

Yeah i just made a quick search just i was curious. But long time ago i didnt search for cars in europe because now i live in ph. And also if i have 48k than for sure i dont care to buy a car he he here 48k is is just a dream 😂😂 i just bought a brand new hyundai accent crdi that was around 12-13k he he but for these roads this is perfect. After 2 days they already scrach it. Here the people dont know how to drive😂

My dad bumped into a bycicle yesterday, have a hole in the front bumper now haha

Hi! That is a badass car!

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

wow that is amazing,loved it

That's amazing! I envy your negotiation skills since my skills are non-existent. I didn't even know you could just talk your way through a deal like that :D And did the guy start crying for real?

This post made me kind of sad since I will be buying an old piece of a shit car soon since I can't afford a new one.

I am sad for the salesman.
feelsbad for him

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O my goodness, this is very inspiring. I gat to double my hustle..... very soon i goona share my own pictures

Bad ass deal on that car (it is beautiful btw!) 10k off! not a bad tactic! I did something similar my last car that purchased. I traded in an old 2012 GTI and told dealerships that I was offered X for my car (it wasn't true) and that other dealerships offered me X for a new car which was the same model (this also wasn't true) but sure enough, they came back and made it happen!

They ALWAYS want to sell you the car more than you want to buy it!

That last punchline in your comment is so true, should have written it in my blog

ahah next time!

Beautiful vehicle and good, congratulations!

That sounds like a great deal. I have haggled but not to this level.

Thank you for the good post

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wooow its a beautiful car.


genius ! good move! I love car... This is a great achievement.. Higher you bro. I pray to be like you

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wow! the new car is splendid, kinda prefer it to the former. the mistake wasn't that bad after all. i love your new car.

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This is absolutely ingenious! You're so smart @danny1995. Thanks for the How To Negotiate Like A Boss and I must confess, a nice ride!

good, thoughtful post.

I wish you enjoy your car as long as it will be possible :) In past I had car accident but luckly fix car was cheaper than buy another one :)

I also have the opinion of @annemariemay .

How nice car that was, before the crash.

Good post friend you see the dedication you have for each post congratulations

Hey @danny1995 I'm going car shopping next week. Want to join me?

Sure, where do you live?