I drove for Casey Neisat and got on his vlog (!!!) With this Insane Jaguar

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You are probably wondering how the hell I ended up driving for Casey Neisat in a 160k Jaguar that is rarer than a diamond in a goats ass. Well, keep reading if your ADHD hasn't kicked in yet.

So we had to shuttle for an event named 'Fuel'(Medialaan) wich is a technology event, based in Belgium, that talks about the latest inovations. It was heartwarming to see that a decent chunk of the event was about the blockchain, that we all love and appreciate. There were all sorts of speakers/VIP's that we had to shuttle to a 5 star hotel or the airport, with high end Jaguars.


Me being a lucky bastard got the "Jaguar XJR 575" wich is one of the fastest cars I've ever driven and by far the most expensive car on the event. On top of that I had to drive for all the VIP's of the event because the other Jaguars were too "cheap" for them. Suddenly they tell me to pick up Casey Neisat from Brussels Airport. I greeted him at the arrivals and dropped him off at the hotel. Good thing he didn't notice that I lost my way 3 times because I was so tired after 12 hours of working.

Im in his latest video at 7:40-7:59, with 1.2M views


Cool custom Luggage


We are talking about the "Jaguar XJR 575", wich I have never seen on the road in my 22 useless years of existance. The "575" stands for 575HP, wich is enough to get your wife killed if she wants to divorce you and take 50% of your shit. This monster charges from 0-100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. It has a 5.0L V8 supercharged engine that barks louder than the T-Rex dinosour from Jurrasic Park when you floor it. It costs 161k Euro




This car is the perfect car if you like to drive fast and in luxury. You feel like you own the streets and it even makes granny's heads turn when you drive by. The interior and exterior are almost perfect. I have 0 complains about this car, thats why it gets a 9.5/10, the highest score I've ever given to a car.


Every car has a unique thing that is associated with it, wich I call the "X-factor". This cars X-factor is the vibe that you get when you drive it. It just makes you feel like you're the king of the road because of the looks, speed, luxury and exaust note.

Fancy bottleinterior

Startup Jag and a rev (video)

Event where the speakers that I shuttled with the Jag did their presentation


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Nice click

How awesome is that Jaguar:) nice work mate.

Like it , wonderful post @danny1995 ❤️

Lucky dude i cant ever get people to let me drive their Jagg

Haha, just call me next time ;)

Got it! I got toburn me some rubber

We sure did, but cannot share that stuff due to work-reasons

Your job is awesome

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Im down for some action, I’ll call you when I get home ;)

@danny1995 like a prince 👑

excellent publication, I wish you success, someday I will grow as you

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Danke Schon

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