The new Porsche Cayenne is a step in the right direction

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Background story

As usual, a lady in "distress" asked for a private driver to drive her to a date. The funny thing is that the date came straight from Zürich (Switzerland), and as expected, had some delays. The other funny thing is that it turned out, that my client is the "sugar girl"of the date, a prominent figure in the Elite Belgian society.


We had to wait for another hour for the guy, so she got bored and asked me to go eat something with her. I replied with 'ask your guy maybe, idk, is he OK with this??' She called him, he replied with "abort mission right now or I go right back to Switzerland. I laughed my ass off after hearing him that angry, while she sat confused next to me. I replied with 'told you'. She replied with 'damn he knows me so well'.

This part is for car lovers only, reader discretion is advised, read this at your own risk


Today I present to you, the brand new Porsche Cayenne. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a car name that is shorter than a whole sentence, it finally happend. As the title mentioned, it is much better than it's ancestor, by crushing the old 0-100km/h 8.1s with only 6.2s! It has gotten 40 more HP, by having 340 HP as a standard Cayenne. It tops out at 245 km/h and is all wheel drive, as you would expect from an SUV. And yes, it has a V6 engine, what else would it have...



Can we all do a little golf clap for the new Cayenne, thank you. Why? It has an amazing interior (copy pasted from the new Panamera). It even has freaking google maps street view on the GPS enabled (see pics). The rear end of the car looks amazing with the cool rear tail light (copy pasted from the Bugatti Chiron???). The speed is on point now, so we can call the new standard Cayenne a true Porsche now. I only have one complaint, the front (exterior) end is almost exactly the same as the old Cayenne S... cheap move Porsche, very cheap... But to be fair, the car still deserves a 8/10

Google maps street view!Interior


Every car has a cool X-factor that makes it stand out. This car's X-factor is definitely the rear tail light, it looks like its coming "straight outta Star Wars"


Very funny
Some men are assholes hahaha
Great review of the car. The tail lights really stand out.
Thanks for sharing

My pleasure bro ;)

Sweet car man thanks for your review :)

It certainly looks the part, we’ve not driven any of the newer Porsche’s yet.

You guys drove a Rolls, nothing can beat that ride!

Thank you, that certainly is a memorable one.

Luxury and elegance in a single car, porshe continues to grow and even consolidates in the market especially now that there is so much competition, but it will always generate good work for the middle class people.

The map has been positioned well. A will no more strain my eyes to watch a map from the center of the dashboard if i get my new Porsche Cayenne. a very nice review from danny1995.

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Very nice car.

In Porsche there should be a cool X-factor is the sound of the motor and speed!

I love that Porsche! Really love the color and rims!