As a student you are interested in your daily meals ?

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As a student you are interested in your daily meals ?


Me and 3 other members live together in a motel room. Each month, each member contributes 500,000 Vietnamese Dong to buy food. We only buy things and cook two meals: lunch and dinner, breakfast when we go to school we eat outside.


We divide work to do housework and cooking. Today he cooks another chef tomorrow. But actually, it's just me and my brother cook. Because we are very enthusiastic and cook quite well and be careful.

Maybe because of the constant cooking, I realized my responsibility in every dish, I focused on cooking to get the best dish possible. I also learned from him my creativity and thoughtfulness when cooking. Often the night before the sleeping area I'm thinking tomorrow what to cook for everyone.

Because to me the meal is the most wonderful thing. It is not simply providing nutrition for us but also a place that contains a lot of affection and happiness.



sinh viên mình toàn mì tôm thần thánh thôi :))

haha. phòng trọ mình chỉ ăn mỳ tôm khi ôn thi hoặc xem đá bóng ban đêm thôi.

mình cũng sinh viên, nhưng toàn ăn cơm suất của cangtin trường nấu

bạn ở ký túc à ?
Mình với mấy anh em thuê trọ gần trường nên cơm nước tự túc, thấy cũng khá tiện ^^

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