Google MAP (Making life easier or difficult)

in #story4 years ago (edited)

  “Google Map has made life much easier” 

Johnny kissed smart phone 

“What the heck is Google Map?” 

I inquired!

 “It’s smart phone’s app It contains detailed map of the world

 Just type in destination that you want to go to

 It shows you shortest possible way

 Also it  saves you from traffic jams”

 Johnny revealed 

After pack up in the evening I asked 

“Johnny why are you not going home” 

Johnny smiled sarcastically and said

 “Few days ago I shifted my home 

I don’t remember the way 

 And Google Map is not working”       

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Haha..right's depending on you that goggle map makes life easy or not...

In general it made life easy but its the incidence i witnessed :P and most of the time i myself dont care about remembering ways and by chance google map doesnt work when i need it

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