Thing humans need to learn !

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“Will you be my friend?” 

I inquired the dog 

He was one of the finest breed of dogs

His owner was moving abroad

He offered to give that dog to me I thought to know dog’s views on it

So I informed him 

“I am a poor man”

“I don’t have car or motorcycle”

“I don’t live in posh but in country side” 

“Will not be able to give you lavish diet but a simple one”

“Will you like to live with me?” 

The dog thought for a minute

And replied !

“I don’t do friendship on social status  

I am a dog not a human”    


That's a wonderful article and recently a movie has been released on this topic! You'll like it. Upvoted and Resteemed

A Dog's Purpose

Great story! So true :)