Kaliyug's father-2

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Logopit_1535514561057.jpgSuddenly he got up and opened his jeans belt. I was a little afraid that somewhere I do not want to beat it.

But no ... after opening his belt, he started throwing off his jeans and after seeing it, he took off all the clothes from his body and threw it, and after being completely naked he sat again on the couch. I tear my eyes out of his bare body

He was a queen from the head to the feet. His full loads were extremely harsh and spherical and his stomach was flat, his navel was very beautiful and deep. But where I was stopped by my eyes, it was his cheat. He was showing me his swollen feet by spreading his legs, he had no hair on his chest.

Seeing his face, water came in my mouth, I vacated the glass in a single sigh and again saw his butt. I have not seen such a kiss till today. I started moving my tongue on my lips.

He looked at me smiling and then pointing me with his finger and calling me to him.
I went to him like a slave and sat on the knees and began to behold his face. I was just waiting for her order

Only then did he spread his thighs and further his kammaar forward.
"Chanto ... it!" He said, turning his hand on his cheek and turning around.

There was a delay in her speech and I had a break on her cheek like a dog. I took out the tongue and started licking her pussy from the top to the hole of the ass. He started to relax my head and started slowly.
I continued to kiss her constantly.

I licked my finger in my chest while licking it, she suddenly got a glimpse of it- Oh papa, what are you doing?
He is grumbling
I was shocked to hear her talk, why is this strange girl telling me Papa? I lifted my head and looked at him, his eyes were closed, he was brushing his boobs with both hands.

"Ohhhh papa, what happened ... stopped ... please lick me!" She said again and again murmuring.
Then she opened my eyes and looked at me and grabbed my head and pressed her in her mouth. I started licking my tongue again and started licking it.

Only two to three minutes later the words started coming out of his mouth, but at this time I heard the word that came out and was stunned.
Her words were- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
She was fluttering, her voice was a trembling, and she was excited.

He started pressing my head in his chest and his murmur grew faster ... - Wahhh ... pop ... my ... dirty ... papa ... papa you are dirty! Oh papa ... you are very dirty, you are very dirty! "
As his excitement grew, the murmur of that girl became faster and faster.
Licking her, now I was also intoxicated, I jumped my tongue and entered her pussy and started jumping the tongue inside her pussy.
"Ohhhhh ... papa ... I love you!" The girl began to speak, pressing my head on my cheek, I slowly kept my tongue inside the crematorium. After putting the entire tongue in, I started moving the tongue around his cock.
The girl came in a fun and started shaking her heart and my head started pressing on her chest. His murmur was still going on. His chet had now started leaving the water, I was drinking his flowing water with his lips, taking all his juice inside him.

Suddenly, the girl got up and stood up. I stood there watching him stand.
Then the girl went ahead and started picking up my jeans, then seeing her see she was completely naked. Now both of us were standing completely bare.

He went ahead and put the necklace of my arms around my throat and started sucking my lips.
"Where is your bedroom, Papa?" He said, looking at me with his eyesight.
His voice was a gluttonous obsession, his body was hot like iron in the sun.
"On that side ..." I told her pointing to my bedroom by finger.

He wrapped one hand with my hair and took me to the bedroom pulled. When he reached the bedroom he gave me a push. I dropped on the bed on the back of the bench, before I could understand something, she jumped to bed and jumped my cock in between the lips.

My cock was already torn off, it got stiff as the rod got its touch on its lips. In less than half a minute, my duck was taken up to the root of my mouth, the unborn girl!
My eyes are spreading wonderfully. Where my long dicks went missing in that girl's mouth. His lips were sucking on my balls.

He pressed both his lips on my cocks and started slowly raising his lips. As soon as his lips came to the suparacha, he opened his mouth and grabbed the coffin from his mouth in his mouth.
I had jumped from this move. He again pressed his lips on my cocks and then slowly started lifting his lips and then as soon as his lips came to the tope, he opened his mouth and took the coffin full of mouth from the mouth.
She started to do it like this, she was pressing my cock with her lips and sucking like she was doing massage of my cocks by taking some oil, I had sex with hundreds of callers, but I did not get this kind of fun till today. The girl was giving up.
I closed my eyes in a fun and choked up from the bottom and started chipping my cocks. I could not wait for a long time before I was smiling. My cocks had already come to the position of fall, I stretched my hand and his head started pressing on his cock. I did not even think that the girl likes it or not ... and I started leaving her water in her mouth.
Today my lund was also extracting much water.

I pressed her mouth on her lips and kept her head pressed till all the water went out. As soon as I got water, I took a long breath and straightened on the bed. The face of that girl was filled with my semen. He hit a shot and took all the water in the cocks inside. Then he bowed his head over my dicks and took out my tongue and started licking my dirty cock. He licked one drop from my cock and then came down to me and lay down.

After lying down for a while then he started to do me a lot. I started getting hot again

This time he pulled me up and placed my head on one of my titts. As soon as I understood her gesture, she started sucking her tice. I suck her boobs and suck her nipple, sometimes pressing her nipple with her lips.
By doing this, she would get groan - Ohh papa ... please, comfortably, I am your daughter, some crave!

I started sucking his boots in turn and began to chant his foot with one hand. I began to mix his second boom with the other hand. His groans started getting faster, he started pressing my head on his boots.
After about 5 minutes after sucking his boots, he suddenly stood up and started sucking my cock in his mouth, sucking it after 5 minutes and after lifting his cock, he removed his mouth from my cocks and got into bed in the doggy style.
I did not delay while going behind him and pressing his cocks on his chest, then he brought my hand and pulled me out of my cock and put it on his ass hole.
I was surprised to see this, most of the girls are scared of being beaten and she likes to kiss but this girl was taking her cunt with her pussy and keeping her in the ass.

I took a lot of spit and put it on his ass hole, then put a finger in his ass and started to spit. As soon as the finger entered the ass, she started squeezing.
After spitting I put the caps of my cocks on the holes of his ass and pushed a loud push. The push was so fast that he fell on the bed to the mouth. I grabbed her kammer with both hands and lifted it up again and applied the same push as the second push. Now my whole cock had penetrated into her ass.
The gravy of that girl started to emerge and her body began to bump in pain. I did not care for her pain and started hurting her ass constantly.
Her screams went faster - Oh ... Papa ... Please rest, my ass will explode, your cock is very thick!
That's a raging boom in fun.

There was excitement in her voice, and I got excited by being called a papa by her and my speed got faster than before. On my every shock, Papa Papa ... was speaking, I was feeling like I was really his father and I am killing his own daughter, although I do not have any daughter.

I kept licking her ass like crazy, my body was taken from sweat.
After lapping my cocks in his ass for about 15 minutes, my cocks started slinging, I tightened his bunts to his cocks and left all the water in the cocks in his ass. For a while, he kept the cocks pasted with his hips and then took his couch.

As soon as I pulled my dicks, that girl took a quick turn and filled my cock in my mouth and started cleaning my cock with my lips.
I fell down and fell on the bed. I was very tired, but the girl was still showing up in the same way, perhaps it was the difference of our age.
I looked at her ... she was rolling her lips on her lips.

"Daughter ... I want a bit rest ... I am very tired." I used to use the word daughter because she had told me to say Papa, I thought she would love to speak her daughter and she would not be angry.

"OK Papa ... he leaned over me and kissed my lips.
Then suddenly he got up and got out of the room....Continue.......


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