Kaliyug's father-5

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Logopit_1535514561057.jpgNow I was 18 years old but I was not like the other girls, the girls of my age often understand the relationship between the woman and the man, also know about cocks, pussy and fuck but I was unaware of these things. I did not even know that what I say every day I rub every day between my waist and thighs.

I was totally blank ... my mental level was as much as a child, because my father had left me alone for eight years and there was no friend of mine, I was always alone in school, I have no friendship with anyone No harm, I felt afraid to befriend someone.

Now I have had to live alone. This is the reason that my mental development is not possible. The only thing that I was feeling in my change was that my chest was shaped by the size of the ball of tennis, I often touched them and wondered what was happening on my chest, somewhere I have not had any disease? Many times I came to my mind that I could tell my father Dad but I could not tell him.

One day when I got up in the morning, the Mahabharata was started in the house, in the hall, Dad was engaged in trying to suppress each other with their own voice, I was delayed for the school, I did not pay much attention to those people I went to the bathroom, as soon as I went in the bathroom, lit the light but did not light ... maybe the light got damaged.

"Now what do I do ..." I got into thinking, 'How will I go to school without a bath?'
"Why should not I use the bathroom of Papa!" I felt fine.

I took my clothes and reached the bathroom of Papa and took off my clothes and started taking bath. I came to bare bath since childhood, I took off all my clothes in the bathroom of Dad and became naked and started taking shower.
I started blending the falling water spray with my hands on my body. Then the shampoo started taking it in his hands and on the hair, I was shutting my eyes off the shampoo.

After some time as soon as my eyes were open, my eyes went to the door, where Papa stood watching me with torn eyes. Both of my hands were still stranded in my hair.

I was so scared to see Dad stab in this way - sorry Papa ... the light is not burning in my bathroom, so I am using your bathroom.
I had to speak before asking them to avoid the scourge of father.
"OK ... no problem son!" Papa stammered, saying that his eyesight came down from my face and stayed on my chest.
Upon hearing the talk of Papa, I breathed and breathed again. Papa was still standing at the door; he had only one trouser on his body, from above he was completely naked.

"What happened papa?" I asked Papa.
"Pinky ... can I give you a bath?" Dad lovingly spoke to me.
They never used to talk so lovingly. I was a little surprised.

"How much dirt is gathered in your body, it seems you do not have enough bath!" They said, coming in.
I started seeing Papa, Dad had changed from the beginning to the first place, in his face where there was first anger and sadness, now he was showing a unique glow and happiness, first in his words, where there was nothing except a tearing Now they had love and sweetness. And the biggest change that I had seen was between the waist and the thighs, there seemed to be some bloated and all my attention was stuck there.

I started looking at Papa by looking at her thighs and now she was standing right beside me.
"What are you thinking? I'll take you comfortably. Promise! "Papa talked to me while leaving the hot breath.
"Ok Papa ..." I slowly quote from Papa.

Papa started taking soap soaplessly on my back, putting his hands in soap when he reached my neck, Dad was in panic, but I did not know the reason for it, now Papa started running hand on my bits, Pressed and caressed.

Suddenly, the father came in front of me and put his hands on my chest and started soaping, Papa filled the soap with a bulb of my chest in his hand.
"Ahh ..." When Papa's hand fell, an asshole came out of my mouth.
"What happened ... what happened to pain?" Papa said, removing his hand.
"No papa ... no pain ... he is that ..." I could not speak beyond this.
"What the hell ..." Dad said while looking at my eyes.
"I do not know papa ... I got ahh from my mouth."

After listening to me, my father again put his hand on my bulge and gently patronized, with a touch of his hands spread a tickle in my entire body, which was a new experience for me, I could not believe that the bulge I used to touch everyday, why is it so much fun to be touched by my father?

"Pinky ... how does it feel to you?" Papa gently pressed my bulge and said.
"I feel like a good father ..." I could not know why ... but my face, saying this, turned red with shame.
Now Papa started pressing my chest with both hands, my eyes closed on my own, I started my chest and began to beat my bulge with my father.

Suddenly, one hand of Papa slipped from my bulge and reached where I used to pee under my thighs. Papa began to take care of that place with his hand and ran a fun in my whole body, my thighs started to hang myself and I went to get involved in Papa.

After a while, after pressing my body and choking the pussy, my father was separated. I did not like to be separated from him, I wanted more love from Dad but Papa was busy taking off his clothes bypassing my feelings.

As soon as my naked eyes were torn off, my eyes were frozen in between my thighs.
"What are you looking at?" Dad looked at me and said to me - This is called cocks ... It is the most precious part of the dead.
My eyes still stuck on their cocks.

Suddenly, the father came near me and grabbed my hand and put it on his cocks, I started to cure his cock.
Then the father came before me and stuck to me, his cock started sticking on my waist. Papa kept pressing one hand on my boots and with my other hand started churning my eyes, my eyes started closing in fun.

After staying in that state for some time, Papa deposited his hand on the joint between my thighs and pulled me up. By doing this I got up in the air. His second hand was still on my boots.
When their dicks came between my two thighs, which sometimes touched my face.

Papa slowly slept with my hands and with my other hand pressed my boobs. Sisakari came out of my mouth The fun I was enjoying today was never received, I was thinking that my mind was talking to papa.

"Pinky, take your two thighs together!" I suddenly opened my eyes with the voice of Papa.
I did the same, took our two thighs together. The papa's cocks were overwhelmed between my thighs by wounding the two thighs.

Papa gradually started back and forth. Being behind them, their cocks rubbed in my thighs. My father and Bobs were also mocking my father. Also, my neck and cheeks were kissing too.

After some time Papa put me on the floor and seeing me, I started shaking my cock heavily.
His hand was running back very fast on his cocks.

I was surprised that what Papa is doing, I just kept looking at them with torn eyes.
While doing so, he was moving very loudly and his face started becoming deteriorating. His eyes were never slipping on my butt and on my face, and on my face.
Suddenly the voices of 'Umm ... Ahh ... hay ... yah ...' came out of their mouth and then a sudden white edge came out of their cocks and came straight into my stomach and thighs.

I was surprised to see that sticky thing handy, he was very hot.
I looked at Papa, he was sitting on the floor, hammering.

After some time Papa got up and went to the shower and started taking me a shower. During that time I kept trying hard to bend with papa.

In 15 minutes, both of us are ready to take bath. As long as I was dressed in my clothes, Papa had also dressed.
I was watching them only.

After wearing their clothes, I went to them and clapped, they kissed my forehead - Pinky ... do not tell this to your mom!
"Why sin?"
"If he knows about it, he will never again bath you with me." He whispered slowly.
"Do not worry, Papa, I will never tell this to mummy ... but you will not bathe me everyday?"
"Yes, I'll bat everyday, now you go to your room!"

I became depressed when I heard in the room- Papa, I want to be with you for a while and you want me to be with you, Papa!
"You too love me too much. But the daughter will have to hide all this from your mother. Your mother does not see me happy. See when it comes to fight me. "
OK Papa ... I will do as you say. "I started talking.

But my mind was not going to go. As soon as I was about to turn, the father grabbed my hand and stole me with my chest. I went away like a doll in his chest.

Papa pinned me with my chest and started looking at me. Then suddenly my face started to squeeze my lips.
I touched the lips of his lips and touched the skirt. He used to keep my husbands even with one hand, then asked me to separate and go.

When I started, I started my hand in my ass and smiling and looking at me.
I also smiled in reply..Continue........


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