Kaliyug's father-6

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Logopit_1535514561057.jpgMy mind was not letting go. As soon as I was about to turn, the father grabbed my hand and stole me with my chest. I went away like a doll in his chest.

Papa pinned me with my chest and started looking at me. Then suddenly my face started to squeeze my lips.
I touched the lips of his lips and touched the skirt. He used to keep my husbands even with one hand, then asked me to separate and go.

When I started, I started my hand in my ass and smiling and looking at me.
I also smiled in reply.

About an hour later I reached my school.

Today I was very happy ... probably never been so happy in my whole life as it was today. Today I had found the love of lost father years ago. Today I jumped bouncing across the school. I kept feeling like every moment I'm flying in the sky. Every time I meet someone, I talk to the whole Confidence. The girls who read with me were surprised at this changed form but I did not care about them.

I was happy that now every day I will get the love of my father's good father. I do not feel in school today. He kept watching the clock and kept waiting for the dong. After all, the time came, I got out of school when the bell rang, my driver had come with a car, I sat in the car and walked for the house, thinking about the way my father was doing well.

When I reached home 4 were ringing. I knew that Papa does not come before 8 o'clock ... Even after entering the house my eyes started looking for Papa. I first went to my room, then rotated every corner of the house ... but when the papa was not there, how would you get it?
I got frustrated and sat in my room and started waiting for Papa.

Papa came at around 8 o'clock. When he came, I was sitting in the hall. Seeing papa, he jumped up and went to them and got confused with them. On my action, the father also got a little nervous, while handling himself, doing one on my forehead and taking me on the sofa.

"Where is your mother?" He asked.
"In my room ..." I replied while answering.
"Pinky, now you go to your room, I'll be fresh after a while."
"OK ..." I talked and went straight into my room.
About an hour later Papa came and sat down to me, they first kissed me lovingly and then asked to remove the book.
I was not at all in the mood of study but I did not want to upset my father.

After teaching for a while, Papa pulled me in my lap and started sucking my lips. With the lips of their lips I was filled with fun Papa sucking my lips and taking my lips with my both hands. With their hands they pressed and started caressing the ass from the top of the skirt.

I was having a lot of fun, "Papa, you are very good." I murmured.
"Do you feel good?" She said while pressing my ass.
"Yes, papa, looks great."

Now Papa began to coax my hand in putting my hand inside my tshirt, I closed my eyes, I was enjoying it, I too started to cooperate with him. They put my tongue in my mouth while sucking my lips and started to rotate, I started putting their tongue inside their mouth, Papa, my tongue started sucking in my lips and pressing my lips in my lips.

The hot breath of both of us started hitting each other's face, and when I started sucking their tongue, then they started sucking my tongue.

After a while, when the papa got separated and stood up, I was surprised to see them - what happened to the father?
"Pinky ... is so much for now. Right now your mum is awake ... after sleeping I will come in the night, then you will love me. "
"Wait a while and do not dad ... I was feeling very good."

I wanted to remain stuck with Dad forever, but the father went away by promise of meeting at night.
I got up with a sad heart and sat down and closed the door.

After a while the maid came to call me after dinner. While watching dinner, I kept watching Dad. After dinner, I lay down on my bed and started thinking about how good the father is ... how much love I have ... then why does mom continue to fight with him ... Surely the mother is wrong. He does not even talk to me properly.

I just thought of Mom thinking about Papa, I did not remember how long it was spent.

Suddenly someone touched my eyes, I jumped happily ... My father was lying on my bed wearing underwear and watching me only. I got lip balm from them. Father started kissing my lips by putting me in my chest, I started kissing his lips.

Papa started pressing my breast with one hand and with my other hand, I started loving my ass. I did not know what was happening but whatever was happening was giving me a lot of fun.

Father pulled me up, I lay on them and started sucking their tongue, putting a lip inside their mouth. Papa was still holding my ass from one hand and was suppressing my little masters with the other hand.
Suddenly he suppressed one of my nipples with two fingers, my whole body was filled with a lot of joy, I felt like some melting beneath my waist, in my whole body a strange fun filled, my waist was myself Papa began to rub with the waist. I started clinging more to them and rubbed my body with their body.

Papa removed his hand from my ass and started raising my t-shirt, I cooperated and dropped my t-shirt, now I was completely naked from above because I did not wear bra. I again lay down on her and her small boobs started rubbing with the chest of Papa and she started sucking her lips, both of Papa's hands were on my shoulders, she was sucking my lips while chasing my shoulders and back.

Both hands of my father were walking slowly down my back, I was touching the hands of their hands, I also started sucking their lips, Papa removed my skirt with both hands and shrugged Penty Doing up to thighs. Then both of my nitimbo started pressing and stirring.

I had completely surrendered myself, I had no sensation, I was drowning in the ocean of a new happiness.

Suddenly, Papa began to push one finger of my ass into the hole, with one hand, he spread the hole of my ass and started putting it in the other hand, just half the finger was inside my ass and ah went out of my mouth .
"Did you get hurt, daughter?" Papa said while stopping his finger.
"No papa ... feel good, do not touch your finger!" With my saying, the father got up and sat down.

Then they stripped my skirt and panty from my body and made my young daughter completely naked. After making me naked, Papa began to wear his clothes too, in a while, he too became bare.

They pulled me again and pulled me up and again started pushing my finger in my ass. This time his whole finger had penetrated my ass, my ass was completely tight. Papa gradually started to put his finger inside, I was enjoying having his finger inside, my eyes started getting out of my mouth.

Papa took the other hand on my pussy and began to caress, Papa's cock stood and started rubbing my thighs. Papa rested comfortably in my ass and kept my pussy coated. After sometime, I felt like something was blowing with my pussy, I started to suffer badly, I removed my hand from my waist and put papa's cocks under my pussy and started rubbing my pussy with his cocks.

I was completely burning, I never felt like this before.

After a while, the father got up and sat, I got up and sat up, they put me on the bed and came closer to me and stood on my side, their hands were on both of my buttocks and their face was near my pussy ... suddenly my father The tongue started licking my pussy, my pussy did not flutter yet, he started moving his tongue down from top to top.
By doing this, my pussy's itching increased, I widened my legs and the head of Papa began to press on my pussy. Papa's tongue was roaming around my pussy hole. I started to sigh out of my mouth.

Suddenly, Father removed his face and placed me on the bed and then brought my dicks to my face - it would be nice to have a cocoon in his hand ... Pinky!
I caught Papa's lund with both hands. His cock was so big that it was not in my hands.
Papa said - Pinky, take it in the mouth!
I bowed my face without delay and kept my lips tied to the coffin. I slowly started rubbing my lips with a drip, after two minutes I opened my mouth and took my cocks inside. Due to being thick in cocks, only Supra could have been inside. I began to suck their stuff in the mouth and suck. Papa kept his hand gently on my head and began to relax my hair and with my other hand started to sweat my chests.

I was feeling a bit awkward about her cock, but she seemed to be good at sucking and sucking.

Papa slowly started pressing my head on his cocks, now half of his cocks were inside my mouth, his cocks reached my throat.

I was getting quiet for some time then Papa said- Pinky, lower your mouth on the cocks!
I started sucking my cock up and down sucking papa's cocks. Two minutes later, ahhh voice began to come out of the mouth of the father, I pulled my mouth out.
"what happened? Did you get hurt? "I scared the quote
They said - No, you keep on sucking, I feel good!

I opened my mouth again and took the papa's cock in and started sucking.

After about 15 minutes, Papa began to swallow loudly and then suddenly a loud pitch came out of his cock and my whole mouth was filled with his semen. I wanted to pull my mouth out loud but Papa suppressed my head with his lung and removed his hand only after removing all the semen.

My whole mouth was wet, half semen then went inside my stomach. I raised my face and said to Papa- What is this Papa ... did you mess up my mouth?
Papa said - Pinky drink it, it is good for health!
I drank all the semen of papa and then bent over the face and started licking the cocks of Papa. After cleansing his cocks, I raised my face and looked at Papa, there were expressions of satisfaction on his face.

I went to them and started to kiss their lips, they laid me on my thighs and asked me how to do it and put one hand on my daughter's pussy and started sucking her pussy...Continue.......


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