ALARM CLOCK DAWN (An Original Novel - Episode 35)

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In yesterday's episode we witnessed a dangerous and defining moment for Adam. Today we will learn what the outcome is. The universe has started to test Adam but he had a whole life of struggle to prepare him for it. Truth be told, there aren't many strong people who've had easy pasts.

Adam is about to embark on a new phase of his journey that will fundamentally change his life. He is shedding the perceived security of a stable corporate job and the protection of the city. For the first time in his life he's about to gain something he's never truly known...his freedom.

Special Announcement: Remaining episodes of Alarm Clock Dawn may start to appear every other day instead of on a daily basis. If so, I hope doesn't diminish your enjoyment and you all will continue with me on this exciting journey. As always, I appreciate your ongoing support! Welcome to today's episode of Alarm Clock Dawn.

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The guard looked down at the clipboard. “Mr. Stevens, you look very familiar. Have you come through here in the past few days?”

“N-n-no.” Dammit, this is not the time to stutter and bring attention to myself.

“Wait! I know who you are—”

Adam didn't give the guard time to finish his sentence. A massive rush of adrenaline was dumped into Adam’s system.

He panicked and broke off into a sprint towards the gate that led out of the city.

“Halt!” he heard the guard yell behind him. Adam hit the chain link gate with all of his weight behind him as it burst open, crashing loudly against the back of the fence.

“Make me chase you and I swear I'll give you a jolt you'll never forget!” the guard yelled as he struggled to catch up with Adam.

Adam sped towards Bear who was standing about twenty-five yards from the checkpoint. His heavy backpack was nearly throwing him off balance as it shifted from side to side with each stride. Within only a few seconds the guard got so close that Adam could hear him breathing like a locomotive, and he was gaining inches with every stride of his long legs. He could hear the guard tear open the velcro flap of his taser holster and slid it out. Adam hunched his shoulders and winced as he ran, bracing himself for the massive shock.

Before Adam knew it, Bear was standing between them. Towering two feet over the guard, Bear laughed mockingly as the guard raised his taser in front of him.

“Don't move or I'll knock you right on your ass, you smelly bastard!” the guard warned.

Bear reached out a gigantic gloved hand and Adam heard a series of loud pops and clicks as the guard fired the taser directly into Bear's enormous palm.

A bright blue arc of electricity jumped through the air between the taser and Bear's hand, and he barely flinched as the pops from the taser became deafening. The guard looked increasingly horrified as Bear continued to push closer to him, raising his left arm as a shield. Bear reached out to grab the guard by the arm and shook him up and down so violently that his feet left the ground. Finally, after the third hard shake, the taser broke free from the guard's hand and skimmed across the ground. Bear then ground it into little pieces under the heel of his enormous boot.

“Next time, bring a real weapon. Now get the hell out of here before I kick your ass good and proper!” Bear’s threatening voice boomed.

The guard stood there shaking as a small but growing wet spot appeared on the front of his freshly pressed beige trousers.

“Get!” Bear yelled as he pointed towards the checkpoint booth. The guard twitched as he quickly and obediently backed away then turned around to run away.

Adam began to laugh uncontrollably as he watched the guard run through the gate and then continued past his outpost. He laughed even harder as he replayed the sight of the guard's feet leaving the ground each time Bear shook him. He realized how strange it was that twice in one day he had been saved by a stranger.

Bear shot Adam an irritated glance. “I'm glad you find this funny!”

“I'm sorry. How in the world did you absorb all of those volts from the taser without your legs buckling?” Adam asked.

Bear took off one of his black leather gloves and tossed it to Adam. “These electrician’s gloves are lined with ceramic fiber. I traded them for a fresh pack of smokes a few months ago. The guy I got them from claimed they would withstand a jolt from a taser, but I’d never tested them until now.”

Alarm Clock Dawn is the first novel of a trilogy. The sequel entitled, Truth Is Stranger, will be published in the Spring of 2017.

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Episodes released every other day is cool. I fall behind a lot and need to cram in 7+ episodes in one sitting to catch up, but whatever is comfortable for you works for us.

Awesome, thanks for your feedback @daut44. It sounds like a win-win!

Is it terrible that I'm glad you're going to release every other day? It's been hard catching up to current but I'm almost there, just a few more subway rides and I should be caught up to everyone else!

It's not terrible at all! I appreciate your feedback, @prufarchy! I was hoping people would respond with their preferences. Thanks!

Every day, every other day, it's all ok. I'm just happy that you're continuing.

Thanks @kiwideb! It looks like I'll be publishing the novel every other day from this point on. Thank you for for returning episode after episode!

Last episode cliffhanger was so nice and I loved the outcome.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! These are sometimes difficult to end on what feels like a proper breaking point but this one worked out okay. The taser scene was fun to write. Thank you!

I like this

so nice :D

always great writing @ericvancewalton

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