The Perfect Pause: Meditating Your Way to the Ultimate You - Chapters Two & Three

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Did you miss the previous post about my book launch? If so, you can Click Here to read it.

Please join me this week as I post excerpts of my new book on meditation. The posts will culminate on the final book launch date...Sunday, June 25th. I hope you enjoy this first part of chapter two. If you missed chapter one please click the link ^ above ^ to read it.

Each chapter of this book has a section entitled Putting It Into Practice that gives you practical prompts on how to apply what you’ve learned in each chapter to your personal life and a Notes section to help you track your progress.

Chapter Two (continued)

Three Steps

Each of us, whether we’re conscious of it or not, are living our lives in a desperate attempt to find a way back to that perfect state of joy. Unfortunately, many people choose harmful paths to achieving that peaceful state like ingesting mood altering substances, chasing adrenaline-inducing thrills, seeking approval or praise from others, working too much, overeating, or spending beyond their means. All of these things are merely temporary triggers that release a flood of the naturally occurring “happiness chemicals” in our brains including endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxycontin. The trouble is most of these triggers are unhealthy and eventually lead to a downward spiral of addiction and misery.

Meditation will provide a better outcome with no harmful side effects. It truly is the “perfect pause”, the one true path back to our soul’s natural state of rest, and our perfect state of happiness. In the coming chapters I offer you a way to return to your natural state. Side effects may include: sound sleep, lower blood pressure, increased productivity, better focus and memory, longer attention span, decreased anxiety, more creativity, and increased compassion.


Like an anchor, our breath is what tethers our soul to this physical world. How you breathe will tell you a lot about your current physical and mental state. Are you breathing rapid, shallow breaths or slow, deep breaths?

Take a moment right now to pay attention to the quality of your breathing. Proper breathing requires full expansion of the lower lobes of your lungs. Your belly (not just your chest) should rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation.

Spend the next few minutes breathing properly, making sure your belly rises and falls. Afterwards, use the Notes section found at the end of this chapter to document how you were breathing before and how you felt after a few minutes of slower, deeper breathing.

Set a recurring reminder on your mobile phone to notify you a couple times per day with just the word “breathe.” When you see the notification, think about the quality of your breath and make a conscious effort to breathe more slowly and deeply. Over time you will reclaim your breath and retrain yourself to breathe properly.

Chapter Three

Synchronicity: Noticing Life’s Hidden Messages

Life is easy for most of us to understand in reverse. How many times have you thought about an event in your life that happened to you days, months, or even years after it occurred and had an “ah-ha” moment? You truly came to understand that the event was a lesson and it taught you something incredibly important.

What if I told you that this kind of thing is occurring in your life every day, in every moment, but most of us are too distracted to realize? It’s true. A majority of our life lessons slip by unnoticed. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Have you heard of synchronicity? It’s a concept popularized in modern times by Carl Jung. Jung’s theory was that our lives are a series of events, seemingly unrelated, that are what he coined as, “meaningful coincidences.” It’s these meaningful coincidences that we begin to notice once our minds are uncluttered and our souls begin to settle into their natural state of rest.

When I find myself feeling lost or perplexed about something that happens in my life I’ve learned to always ask, “Why is this happening?” or “What is trying to happen here?” I’ve learned through my many years of meditation practice that this physical world is just like our schoolhouse and the events in life are our greatest teachers. The universe we live in is an interactive web that is trying to teach us lessons continuously in real time. Often, the lessons are small and harmless. Sometimes, especially if we don’t learn them the first few attempts, they can become more harsh and life altering. I’ve learned to view life as a theater production that is being performed for each specific person to learn from. I think William Shakespeare realized this when he wrote, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; ey have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages...”

Meditation sparks substantial shifts in your perception that open you up to subtler aspects of life. This process can greatly improve and deepen the quality of your time on this Earth. Once you begin to notice synchronicity and understand how it works, it will show you that our reality isn’t some series of random events but rather meaningful coincidences. After a while, you will come to understand that there’s either a lesson to learn or a lesson to teach others in nearly every moment.

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Thank you for reading. Please join me here on Sunday, June 25th for the official launch of The Perfect Pause!

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Nice post, and great name for the book! Strange I found this today as I have just started my Daily Meditation/Dream post. Would like it if you followed me or anyone else seeing this that needs that daily motivation to dream journal and meditate! Here's the link to my first daily post,

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#Meditation book just released by my friend @ericvancewalton -Have a look!… /

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Thanks a lot for the support, Barry! I appreciate you sharing this!

It is a pleasure.

I branched out today and wrote something else funny, not what you usually see from me, I felt very calm writing it after reading your post here LOL

I just discvoered you. I like what I ve read and I am looking forward for more.

I ve started my meditation journey about 3 years ago and I dont think many things had such an influence on my life as meditation.

I have written a blog post about meditation today and I would love to hear your thoughts about it if you would find time.

If you want this post removed please let me know as I dont want to hijack your thread

Will check out your link flipstar, check mine out above and tell me what you think about the idea, thanks!

Thanks, @flipstar! I'm glad meditation has helped you!

How you breathe will tell you a lot about your current physical and mental state.

That is a true statement.

I started doing deep breathing exercises after hearing about Wim Hof's techniques. The results are nearly instantaneous.

The meaningful coincidences we begin to notice around us make me wonder what we are capable of.

Congrats on your book launch, @ericvancewalton!

Years ago, meditation led me to an understanding that, "Love is where we come from, and Life is finding our way back."

Yesterday, I started an inner-directed SativaYoga Bikini Body Series that resonates with your insights into meditation. Might you consider giving it an upvote or Resteem?

That quote is really deep, I like it! Thanks!


Three Steps
Each of us, whether we’re conscious of it or not, are living our lives in a desperate attempt to nd a way back to that perfect state of joy.

Spot the typo? Just nit-picking Eric ;) Top drawer quality work as always. I don't comment here everyday but I'm always upvoting and reading your content - I've been loving this series :)

Thanks for pointing that out! I'm finding letters going missing after the HF, when you paste into a post draft. So glad you're enjoying this! I appreciate the kinds words and support, as always!

I've been lucky not to have that in any of my recent posts, but I will watch out for it in the future Eric.

BTW are you making it over to #Steemfest2 this year? I remember your legendary write ups from last year. Europe here we go again! ....

I am hoping to see you guys all there if the gov't lets me out of my country in the police state LOL. Sad but true being an activist.

Did you see the last couple posts on @joseph's page, I won a trip to #SteemFest coming up!

Well done mate, now get your ass campaigning for your bro' on the new joseph post :) Hee-hee!! Get me out of this frickin Brexit hell-hole of a state!

Hey, @mindhunter! My wife and I have some things standing in the way of us making it to SteemFest this year. I hope our schedules clear up and we can make it to Lisbon. If not, I know I'll regret it. I hope to see you there!

Like you Eric, I'm still not sure yet - Portugal can be a cold place in Winter - like Scotland! I really wish it had been in North America this time. Good to see your reputation at 75 now - thoroughly deserved too. Worth every penny! Steem on my friend! :)

Amazing Work dude.:)

Thank you, man!

Thanks for sharing Eric !!
I really enjoyed the first chapter the other day, so much insight and inspiration!
Will brew me a nice coffee and read this one in a minute.


wait, did you say meow?

You're welcome! I so appreciate the support this community has shown me. I hope you continue to enjoy it! Thank you.

Two more great chapters!
Only 3 more days left haha
I feel so serene and at ease after meditating; following the steps of 'putting it into practice'

Thank you, man! I'm happy it's working for you!

Glad your new book is a hit.

Thank you, friend!

Two more great chapters in the book. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I'll be posting the remainder of Chapter 3 tomorrow!

I love your words "Like an anchor, our breath is what tethers our soul to this physical world." The breath is something that is automatic so we don't pay enough focus on the rate, quality and how we breathe. It is an indicator of our state of mind, our feelings and emotions and our inner peace or lack there of. The breathe gives us life and calming focus so we need to do it with more intention. You did great in teaching us how to breath.

Synchronicity is an amazing experience which we all need to be aware of. When certain things happen, one finds that such experiences teach us something or directs us toward a meaningful path. Like you said in your book, "(synchronicity is) the meaningful coincidences that we begin to notice once our minds are uncluttered and our souls begin to settle into their natural state of rest". That is why your book is so important at a time like this.

Thank-you for sharing parts of your new book with us. We are fortunate to have the opportunity for a glimpse into a wonderful and meaningful world of The Perfect Pause. Thank-you!

You are so welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment on my posts. The support is always appreciated!

Thank you so much for this series. It is legit raising so many people's vibrations. Namaste :)

That's a great compliment. I hope it is! Namaste!

Thanks a lot for your great post @ericvancewalton

You found the million dollar title for your book and it's a title that makes me to want to buy this book.
I'm so in need to start to meditate.

I've now subscribed at your site:

Kind regards.

I really appreciate it! My wife and I actually owned a tea business years ago by the same name (The Perfect Pause). I thought it had a nice ring to it. Thanks for signing up for my mailing list and for your support!

Nice post, I have been meditating for about two months now and I kept on wondering, "What type of meditation am I doing? Is it going to help me? Is it just a waste of time that everyone has the wrong idea about?" I found out that it is a great thing to do and I will stick with it.

Hardwork pays you!

This has been really enjoyable! Thanks!

so much inspiring post upvoted you and kindly u also upvote me if you like

cheers Eric. Worth reading indeed

I'm meditating a lot and soon i will start with shrooms. Exploring your inner space is incredible.

I'm glad you found meditation! I've never done shrooms but agree that exploring inner space is an amazing thing to do! Best of luck in your practice.

thank you for sharing

You're welcome!

good piece of work i appreciate

You are a great writer, keep thinking about the work and share it with everyone

Follow me @bangjal and add your voice in my post, because your voice I really need to support me keep giving the best post :)

Hi Eric, thanks for promoting Meditation to societies. If a good form of enlightement for the body, mind and soul. thank you

I really like the design of your blog. Clean, sorted, you put work in it. Upvote!

Wonderful to read, thank you for sharing this.

Great Article, I became passionate about meditation after reading some books written by Alan Watts. I will follow your posts with great interest.

heyyy, love these posts.. Im sure I will become an avid visitor to your page...
I too have made it a part of my lifes mission to remind myself and others about the breath, and how often we fail to take appropriate measures to protect the one breath we have and to enhance the quality of our breathing. I have been practicing the "Wim Hof Method" which comes from and is similar to Tummo Meditation and Pranayama , and I will begin hosting a once a week "Pause" if you will beginning this Sunday... Speaking of Synchronicity :)

I would really love it if you could join and be apart of something I feel could create an opportunity to open more of our friends and family to the idea of meditation.. thank you for your awesome posts..namaste

Wonderful topic of my friend possible support and thank you....☺☺

Always your topics are amazing

This was a great post. Thank you for sharing. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you future work!

I have noticed that when I am working on something, I take extremely shallow breaths and that my body is tense all the time. Thanks for making it more obvious that I need to pay attention to this!

Congratulations @ericvancewalton
You took 16 place in my Top 100 of posts

Just found your page, I'm trying to bring mindfulness and meditation into my life. Thanks for the post and congrats on your book! Following!

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