The Sacrifice - An African Short Story

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Did we not read in the Good Book that one man was sacrificed for the sins of the whole world?

When the party reached the deepest part of the Maji river, they carried Founta, whose neck had now been forced into a magnet, to the hedge of the canoe.

Then the old and white-bearded priest who accompanied the party broke into a strange song before he made some incantations. Afterwards, he looked up into the quenching sun above and said,

"Olokun, you demanded a virgin and here is one. Olokun, bless our barren lands."
"Amen" roared the three other men who sat in the large canoe.

Afterwards, poor Founta was thrown into the river where she sank like a stone, leaving sparkling bubbles on the face of the Maji river.

The men in the boat cheered jauntily as they returned home, hoping that Founta would atone for the sins of the land. But they were wrong. Their lands remained barren - perhaps Olokun, the goddess of the Maji river, had not had enough virgins.

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