The Smart But Lazy Man (10)

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Dene was impressed. He did not have the money the man charged, however, he gave him the little money he had. I shall return tomorrow with two bags of money for you. And i will also give you another bag of money as advance for the next one, he said.

The man was too simple. He accepted, trusting Dene. Dene took the baskets of live rats and went back to Agboro. He was very happy because he knew he would get Agboro to require his wisdom.

It was nightfall when Dene entered Agboro. Shimbe was outside waiting for her daughter whom she had sent to the market to grind grains at the millers shop and had not returned.

She was worried and was contemplating going to the market when she saw the girl coming home. She was waiting for the girl to come up to her when she sighted Dene walking pass and carrying a big load. She could not tell what it was he was carrying.