The Smart But Lazy Man (12)

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Just do as I have told you. I am coming, Shimbe said as she walked away.
Dene got home and she put the basket at the back of the house.

His house ws secured, he opened the basket and went inside the house. The rats rushed out and got scattered about, racing in all direction. By the time Shine got to Dene's house, the rats were all gone.

She looked around and she saw nobody. She wanted to know what the crafty man was up to, she went around the house and when she got to the back of the hse, she found the big basket.
She suspected that was what Dene had been carrying. What was in it? she checked and she saw that it was empty. She becae more confused.

Why was Dene carrying an empty basket? perhaps, it was something he carried in the basket and had taken it inside.
When she could not get a clue, she left but she kept wondering what the man was up to. She just did not trust the man. What she was not aware of was the fact that she was nosy.


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