The Smart But Lazy Man (17)

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But one more thing, the cats need to be fed with fresh cow milk to keep them healthy and strong so that they can chase the rats and kill them, Dene aid.
How do we get that? asked the confused King. This may sound silly but it will be rewarding in the end. Let every household have a cow to produce fresh milk for the cat, Dene said.

The other chiefs argued that having a cow will cost a fortune and not everyone will be able to afford it. I agree but the King and all the wealthy people of this kingdom raise the money to get a cow and distribute it to every house, it is just being responsible, Dene said.
The wealthy chiefs were upset and protested but the King as always had so much respect for Dene nd his ideas. He accepted and ordered that the wealthy people must contribute six bags of money each so they could get cow for the cats.


you know laziness take a man nowhere

the cat needs the cow to Chase the rat