The Smart But Lazy Man(8)

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So, Dene continued to rely on the allowance from the palace. The allowance was not enough to take care of his needs.
Then one day, a thought struck him. He decided to play smart on the people of Agboro.

He went out of the kingdom to neighbouring kingdom. He went to the market there, looking for rats to buy.
What do you need rats for? a man asked him.
I want to rear them so that they can take care of my great harvest that is rotting away, Dene said.

It was a strange request but the man who was a hustler told Dene to return the following week, he promised that by then he will be able to get the rats for him. I want a big basket full of it, Dene said.

When Dene returned, the man had kept to his words. He had assembled a big basket of rats.Dene was surprised and he asked him how he did it.
I went around all the neighbouring villages and told the children to help me catch the rats in their village for a price, the man said.