The Unfaithful Clever Man.

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The King listened to the man's story and he was surprised that he could hardly believe his ears. Young man, are you sure of what you are telling me? the King asked.

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Yes, your majesty. He owes me for it and I haven't seen after he left so I have come in search of him, the young man said.
But you don't know the chief by name, the King said.

I don't but I know him very well if I see him I will recognise him the man said.
Shimbe laughed. I have my suspicion and I am sure he is the one but I don't want to pre-empt you, your majesty. Let the man identify the chief, she said.

The King sent for all his chiefs and they came almost immediately. The moment Dene entered the palace, the young man pointed at him.

This is the man, the young man said excitedly.
Dene was shocked when he saw the young man. He recognised him but pretended he did not know him. Yes, young man, what is it about me? he asked.

You are the man I am looking for. You owe me money and I haven't seen you as you did not show up as promised, the young man said.


fun stories, so sometimes we are not aware of the people we've met, really have an effect on our lives

Yes, a very strong effect at that.

Great story... I like the story