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Hello everyone, It had been 4 days since I am ready with the -- Episode of Jihad and I decided to post it today but yesterday I met my old classmate Vishal Jain from school after 20 years. He recognized me at the sight. We discussed our lives and talk about other classmates and all.

During our conversation, I told him that I blog stories. Today morning I received a message from him and when I opened, there was a short story of his and my friend wanted me to blog it. So as advised by my dear friend, I am writing this story for all parents.

Please leave your views and comment. A story is considered complete when readers talk about it. The story is Narrated in my friend's words.

Today I am General Manager in a reputed Multi National Company. I have struggled a lot in life and today I can say that Financially, I am in a very comfortable position. I have not only earned money but also have won the respect of my colleagues and the society I live in.

Life had been a race for me and the worst part is that this race continues even now. Stressful mornings to exhausted evenings. It seems like that I am running on a treadmill. Everything is on automation. You just run, run and run without any sight of the destination.

I get up at 8 in the morning and then the struggle starts. I report to office by 9:30. So in these 90 minutes, I take shower, get dressed formally and then rush to the office where a distance of 10 kilometre gulps my 40 to 45 minutes due to peak hours traffic. I barely get to see my kids during weekdays as their school bus comes at 7 in the morning.

I am always under a lot of stress in my office. Being a General Manager, I have to keep all the departments intact and in the evening have to analyse the production as well.

Usually, I get free by 8:30 or 9 and by the time I reach home, my kids are usually asleep. I don't see my kids during weekdays and honestly speaking, I meet them on Sundays only.

When I see myself in the mirror, I always had a spark of pride in my eyes. I think myself as a perfect father and a husband who works hard for the future of the kids and family, who is providing them with the best of the education and providing them comfort and all other luxuries.

The last Sunday I encountered the reality and it shook me so badly that I am thinking all over again. I am thinking about my priorities again.

When I came back from the saloon last Sunday morning, My daughter was up and watching her favourite cartoon show on Television. I entered and she turned back and saw me. She smiled with affection and came running to me, saying Here comes my "SUNDAY FATHER".

These words were so innocent yet so powerful that it kept me awake for the whole night. I have decided my route now. I do not want to miss that smile anymore. I am not ready to!

What about you my friends?

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Hello @honeychum! For 10 years I worked in the company from 9 am to 12 noon. I gave myself entirely to this cause, I was building a career. I had little contact with the child and husband. When I was tired and decided to leave, I realized that work is not an important part of life. You can not give it completely. I learned how to live without work for a long time, at first it was very difficult and there was depression. But now I'm glad of life, I again began to draw, to travel. I spend every day with a child.
I understand that a man is the head of the family who must earn money. I do not even know what to advise you...

We have become slaves of materialism. We don't stop anywhere, neither we plan to nor we are willing to. If we observe ourself then we will find that we have become Robots which run by the clock. This story is about my friend. For me, I think I have found peace in between work and life. :) @marymik23

Totally agree with you. Can i find out what your wonderful work is?

Of course, you can find out by just asking me. :) :) I am into crypto trading, Blogging and have a small startup (very small). None of my work is full time and it gives me the liberty to write.

You work like a bee! ;)

Kind off but honey bee is cute. No! ;)

Of course, I love honey, especially chestnut!

I know what Honey you are talking about but still, I don't know what made my cheeks red?😊

Very interesting. But I think its all about time management.Bonding with children specially in early years is very imp.but at the same time you need money for all the comforts and good education for your child.
I tell u something...

"Recently I heard about a divorce case going thru in my family only.The boy is twelve years old and when asked with whom he wants to live? Without second thought he replied with my dad.As he can buy anything I ask for.My mom is jobless how will she meet up with my expenses".

A very beautiful and poignant story indeed. A catch 22 situation.
But what I feel is that we are all caught up in securing material comforts and securities. It is necessary. There is nothing wrong in it.
What is wrong is not having an emotional connect or a psychological connect with children and family.

Very often I have seen that parents stop expressing love for love and only restrict themselves to providing and managing and controlling.

Emotional connection needs to be nurtured through emotions. Not through material things . And Fathers and Mothers become parents when they nurture & enrich the emotional connection.
Otherwise they are just Providers.

You are right @nehab Emotional bonding is the key here. This is what I think that though we need to work hard. At the same time, the bonding with your kids can also be strengthened.

Very true 😊

That's an amazing story, but also very sad. It's important to have time for your family, even while you're busy at work - family should always come first! Your friend is very busy, but it seems like he made a decision at the end of the story that he doesn't want to be the person that misses out on the kids growing up! I'm pretty sure that this is very common! Wonderful story :)

Yes, you are right. It seems that my friend got enlightened! @theywillkillyou

Life indeed is challenge.
But you can’t be a superman or superwoman in this world.

Many parent I see in Singapore, living a high standard. It is why both parents has to work.

Living the kids only to their helpers - Indonesian, Mayanmar, Filipino

(Kids don’t even realize who is the mother! Thought the maid is the mum)

I see them as a good provider. Becuase How can you provide a better life for your kids if your income is only suffecient for a short period of time?

Kids will understand. This is our society now! Our world is full of stress.

Either we live with it or just go with flow!

After all, we only have one life..

and if we cannot met those we want in life.. so be it.!
IT IS ... WHAT IT IS ❤️❤️❤️

True! Materialism is the root cause. :)

You need to sort out time for your kids. You are not only the person in the situation

You are right buddy. :) @opeodu

Wow this has such a deep message

excellent reflection we always focus on giving our children the material, the best thing for them is the time and love we can give them to ensure a healthy future without frustrations or hatred. Thanks for your post ....

I'm here at this time of day too, instead of going to sleep, @honeychum. What has society turned us into? Many times we said we were good parents, and maybe we are making mistakes that we as children criticize. Right now, on a Saturday night, stuck in the computer, it's not the plan for anyone, but I still try to take my job, because steemit sees it as a job, so I can give him a little more than I can offer my family. Suddenly I can one day afford it, if I work hard, not only to offer you time, but quality in that time. Have a good night. Have a good night.

@nancybriti You are right! It does not matter how much time we want to give our kids but this life, this era force us to sacrifice. We want to provide the best for our kids but we miss their childhood. That is the real cost we are paying. :( Thanks for your comment my friend. :)

considering that, I have postponed my decency more than once, trying to be in the best economic conditions I can offer without having to miss any details of their growth. I do not know if it's wrong and although I'm still young, I'm worried that when the time comes to procreate the blessing, it will not come to my life. that collapsed has become everything.

Postingan anda @honeychum sangat menginspirasi saya, semoga saya bisa belajar banyak dari postingan anda

@fauzanmehoba Terimakasih temanku. Saya senang Anda menyukai tulisan saya.

Life is always a race which never ends. It's like you would never see the trophy at the end of the road when you win. What we get is just memories we can keep while we're still alive. Still, life is worth living no matter what.

@gvincentjosephm very well said, my friend but don't you think that sometimes we get so habitual with routine that we stop making efforts to find time for our beloved ones. :)

I agree with that. We're human and we're not perfect. Sometimes we do forget but that's not an excuse to not make efforts for our beloved ones of course.

I agree! :)

short story Many of my favorites I love reading short stories and this story is a story like my mind.

Thanks mate, I am glad that you liked it. :) @sagor61

Nice piece..... You should always set your family as the priority. Work will come and go but family will remain

I know Your Hard-working Person 👌

Thanks but this story is written by my friend :) @information7

really pretty one. keep writing such good story. love it

Thanks for your encouragement buddy :) @moviesboxoffice

Educative story about life and its sequences. Thanks to share a true story about life.

You are welcome, mate. I am glad that u liked it :)

I've read before your story. you also most welcome dear.

Thanks buddy :)

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